March 20, 2013

Life as of lately.

Hello? Is anyone still here?

That's probably what ya'll were thinking, huh?

I haven't blogged because I've been on an extravagant vacation to the Bahamas so I haven't had time to blog.

Just kidding.

I've been at home. Doing absolutely nothing out of the ordinary.

I'm back to school after Spring Break (which was MUCH needed). And I decided to take a break from blogging/social media for a few reasons. One being my husband's Granny past away last week so we spent a lot of time out of town and with family. Secondly, a lot of bloggers have just been irking me lately. I just don't get these "sponsored" posts, the millions of giveaways each week, or how in the world some of these people have TIME to chat on Twitter all. day. long. I just don't get it.

But you know what? This "mini" break I took for myself, was great. It was refreshing. And it allowed me to realize WHY I blog. I don't do it for stupid sponsored posts that have NOTHING to do with my blog. I don't do it for publicity so people can feel sorry for me/be envious of me/make money. I don't do it for a different (or the same) linkup every freakin' day. I blog for me. I blog because it's what I like to do. I blog when I have something to share or talk about. I don't just pull posts out of my ass just to get a post out. And I'm tired of blog cliques.

I want people to follow my blog because they like what I write about.

Also, I'm very sorry to any of my "sponsors" who I've neglected this month. I'm horrible at this blogging thing when it comes to other people lol. I'm gonna give up paid sponsorship on my blog but I will still offer button swaps.

Oh, that's another thing!! I've never actually paid for sponsorship on other blogs because I've been lucky enough to win ad space. But Lord have mercy. I'm glad I got those spaces for FREE because I STILL have to pay/donate shit stuff for freakin' giveaways on their blog! Bloggers, please. I'm broke as a joke. (side note: SOME bloggers are understandable)

So with all that said, be looking out for a new blog design, and possibly a new url. And a whole new outlook on blogland:)

PS- be sure to follow me on Bloglovin'!

PSS- This post is towards no single person/blog in particular. It just a general observation of mine that I just needed to get off my chest.

Tennessee Honey


Sara said...

I'm high-fiving this blogpost.

This is how I feel about blogging and basically how I blog. I blog for the memory-keeping, not for an audience. Cliques suck, and were SO high school, dude!

Undecided Answer

Rachel Easley said...

Love the picture at the beginning! PRETTY!! Glad you got a much need break on your Spring Break!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes a break is good. Great in fact. :)

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your break :)

Chris said...

I feel the same way about blogs and blogging. I've never paid for sponsorship and I don't have it on my blog. If people want to read me, they will... no one should have to tell them to read my blog. Sometimes time away brings new perspective and it can be a great thing.

aimymichelle said...

i dunno how people pay out for these things all the time. but i can't do that and i wouldn't want to anyways cause im cheap.

brittany t said...

lauren!! Hi girl! lol i know what you mean..ive been taking ALOT of blog breaks...i just havent been as with it since Sept!! bah! But i love it and i DO LOVE your new blog design, this one, from your other one. i too, do not have time to chat on twitter all day either..