September 28, 2011

Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday!

Linking up with The Vintage Apple, as usual, for Pinteresting Wednesday!
And today is all about the fab outfits I need, er, I mean want in my closet! 

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Okay, I couldn’t NOT show this one…It cracks me up!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!! Thanks for stopping by! 

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September 27, 2011

It’s my Anniversary!

3 years ago I married my best friend. 2008_09270344
I can’t believe it’s been 3 years!!
And 2 kids. Two amazingly beautiful children.
031edittuck fumble

Me and D have been through a lot. But we’ve grown up with each other. We’ve found ourselves with each other. We’ve learned from each other.

When I see him with our kids, I think of how lucky I am. Most people like us wouldn’t have lasted very long. Most people like us probably wouldn’t have even gotten married. But we are beating the odds everyday.
Doug loves me when I least deserve it. He puts up with a lot from me lol. And I’m glad he does. He makes me laugh when I want to be mad. He knows when to just let me breathe. He knows what to tell me to make me feel better. He is an amazing husband and father. He works hard for his family.

Happy Anniversary to me and my best friend in the world. I’m sure there will be many more of these to celebrate.

September 21, 2011

It’s me, the negativity monster.

You can start calling this blog Negative Nancy’s.
I’m just in one of those moods.

And it’s all because of Pinterest, believe it or not.

I see all these super cute baby stuff like picture poses, super cute nurseries, baby shower ideas, people getting excited to find out the gender of someone’s child, maternity photo shoots, etc.

And I get, well, jealous. 

I’m jealous of all the people who planned a pregnancy. Who planned all this super cute stuff for their baby. I’m jealous of all the people who get to “surprise” their families with a “I’m Pregnant!” or “It’s a Boy/Girl” party.
I surprised everyone with my pregnancies alright lol. But not at a party. And I didn’t plan a maternity shoot or newborn shoot because I was trying to plan on how the rest of my life was going to be like at 18. 

I know I’M the one who got pregnant at a young age. Yes. And I guess that means my kids won’t have the super cute stuff everyone else had. I guess my kids will be like me and my brother. Not planned, therefore we can’t do anything right. Well that better not be the case for my babies. But that’s another story.


I guess I’m just being a Debbie Downer, Negative Nancy, and Jealous Judy. No one wants to hear about my issues. But too bad because you are reading it. Now I’m going to huff and puff until I get my way. LOL just kidding:)

Sometimes life just needs to be easy. >

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday:)

Why, oh why have missed the past like 4 Pinteresting Wednesdays?! I hang my head in shame…

But alas, I am back! 

And I’m totally sounding mid-evil……


Anywhooooo! My newest pins!
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Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

I hope everyone has an awesome Wednesday!!! Be sure to link back up at The Vintage Apple!

September 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Well, almost wordless. Ya’ll know I can’t NOT talk on my blog:)

I saw this on Facebook and posted it on my fan page, From Bottoms to Bows:
*When you buy from our boutiques, instead of helping a CEO buy a 3rd vacation home, you are helping a mom put food on the table, a student pay for her college textbooks, a little girl finally gets to take that ballet class they couldn't afford. Support our boutiques, SUPPORT A FAMILY! *

And I think that is SO true! I, myself, would rather buy something homemade or from a little local business than splurge on a brand name. And now that I AM a local business, I now know how it feels!

My anniversary is coming up the 27th of this month and I’m probably going to do a small giveaway:) So be sure to “like” From Bottoms to Bows on Facebook! (it’s also located on the top right of my blog!)

Now on to the wordless part lol.


September 13, 2011

Black Sheep.

Grr. Is it bedtime yet?

I hate feeling like the black sheep of the family. Yes, I dropped out of college. Yes, I got pregnant at 18 before marriage. Yes, I waited until AFTER I had my baby to get married. No, I didn’t marry someone rich. Yes, I’m 22 years old without a job/career. Yes, I had another baby when we weren’t “ready” at age 21.

I do what I can for my family. What WORKS for my family. And I’m happy. I have a husband who backs me up unconditionally and who loves the crap out of me. I have 2 BEAUTIFUL, healthy children who mean the whole world to me. And THAT’S enough for ME.

We are not rich. And we really aren’t poor. We just can’t afford to do everything we would like to. But my husband works hard for us. And I’m going to begin school (if they don’t screw my paperwork up again) in January to better our future.

All I want to do is buy a house and go to Disneyworld. And get an education. And send my kids to college.

That’s not too much is it? I’m pretty simple. And that’s the way I like it!

September 8, 2011


So I’m back to normal today = Yayy  for 12 hours of sleep!
Anyways, I saw this quote and thought it pretty much sums up what I’ve realized the past couple of days:

“That’s the best revenge of all; happiness. Nothing drives people crazier than seeing someone have a good freakin’ life.” –Chuck Palahniuk

I don’t know who you are Mr. Chuck, but you are a wise man. Oh, and I totally made this quote PG by replacing one F word for another haha:) 

I am happy with my life. And I’m happiest when I learn to IGNORE. I also found this quote that sums up everything about me:

“Dear God, please put your arm around my shoulder, and your hand over my mouth.”
A. Men.

My life is going pretty good lately. As of today, I found out some WONDERFUL news that I will share sometime soon (when it takes effect). My daughter will be gone all weekend and my son will be gone Saturday night. That means this momma will REST! Or at least get things done that can’t be done with kids around haha! I haven’t had a weekend of quite in a while. This will be nice:)

And some pics to bring happiness

 ps - don't forget to check out From Bottoms to Bows on Facebook! :)

September 7, 2011


Lately, I have had no energy. I feel like crap. All I want to do is sleep.

I haven’t done the dishes or laundry in about a week now. I don’t want to do anything. I’m tired.

I’m tired of feeling like everything (besides the bills) is on me. 

I’m tired of being tired. A 22 year old woman should not feel this way.

And even sometimes, when I am trying to sleep because I’m so tired, I can’t. My mind won’t let me. And it’s getting really old.

I’ve been putting off making a doctor’s appointment because I didn’t want to be “that” type of person. Someone who can’t take care of herself or her house or her kids.

I don’t want to have to rely on medicine to make me happy.

I hate asking for help.  I feel that if I have kids, then they are MY responsibility. That even if I am on my death bed, I have to take care of them. I feel that if I ask for help, I am incapable of being a good mother.
And that is my biggest fear: being a bad mom.

I want everything for my children. I want them to great life. I want them to make the right choices in life, better than I did.

I don’t hate my life. 

Even though sometimes I feel like I’m living my life on repeat; the same routine every. single. day.  Some days I just want to pack up and take a mini vacation, but I know that’s not possible right now. 

I don’t live a home with my parents. I have a husband who takes the financial responsibility. So I don’t always get what I want. And that’s okay with me. I would rather work for what I get, then be given to me all the time.

I think sometimes I’m just not the same person I used to be. I want to be. I’m just not.