November 14, 2011

Fall Love

We got some family pictures made yesterday afternoon. I thought we were going to blow away with the crazy wind we were having! But they turned out really good!


These are just a few of them. Blogger was being mean and wouldn't let me put anymore on here :( Maybe later. :)

Anywho. I've been thinking a lot lately. (I know, I know...don't hurt yourself, Lauren). I'm happy with my life. Yes, some things could be better. And they WILL! My husband works so hard for his family. He has a good, steady job (although I DO complain about the could be worse), and he's working his way up the company! I (God willing) will be starting school in January for teaching. I've decided that's what I want to do. Be a teacher. It will be best for my family and I know I will love doing it! And I will get to be creative everyday!! :)

The next 5 years are going to be a busy 5 years. We are working on bettering our credit score because we want to buy a house after I graduate. And I am SO excited about it! And I'm so proud of how we are handling it. Most people jump in and buy something that they can't afford in the first place. But we are taking the slow, yet productive route. My husband is so good at handling money. Well, we both are actually. I never buy anything without thinking it over 500 times lol. And if we don't have the money to do something this week, we don't do it. Point blank. We had it really rough when we first moved in together but we have come a LONG way and we always say that we will NEVER go back to living like that. I hate asking for help/money. Hate it. We are adults. It shouldn't be that way. So unless something major comes up (like a house fire......) I will try to never ask for financial help.

I know some of you have read where I'm going to start losing weight/getting into shape. Well, I'm starting today!! I made my own workout routine. I'm not really "dieting" per say. I'm just going to try to eat healthier when I can and cut back on sweets and sodas....Lord help me lol. I might hurt somebody for a Dr.Pepper.

November 9, 2011

Pinteresting Wednesday!!


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My dream home! It doesn’t even have to be that huge…I just LOVE where it is!


I love Pinterest…but now when I make something crafty, I don’t feel as awesome because everybody and their momma (literally) will know I made if from Pinterest LOL.





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When I pray…


When I pray, I pray for my children and my husband. I pray that God will watch over them and keep them safe from harm. I thank God for bringing them into my life. I thank God for the blessings he has given me, even though I need to do this more often. I pray for my family and friends and how I’m so blessed to have them. And I pray that God will help me be a better mother and wife.

But what I can’t pray for, what I feel I’m not worthy of praying for, is me. I feel like I am a lost cause. I don’t deserve the things that God has provided for me because I fall to temptations too easily. I always want to be better, but it’s so hard for me.  I can’t keep asking for forgiveness when I do the same wrong things over and over again.

And I’m still so confused with everything. I don’t know where I belong (as far as a church goes) and I don’t know nearly as much about the Bible as I should. When I do go to church, I feel ashamed. I feel that I am not worthy enough to stand in front of the cross.

I’m just going to continue to pray.

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November 4, 2011

Catch Up

Some pictures from Halloween-

Pretty sure I had the most handsome Sheriff in town, along with the most PURRRRRfect Kitty Cat. 

Yeah, I just did that =