November 9, 2011

When I pray…


When I pray, I pray for my children and my husband. I pray that God will watch over them and keep them safe from harm. I thank God for bringing them into my life. I thank God for the blessings he has given me, even though I need to do this more often. I pray for my family and friends and how I’m so blessed to have them. And I pray that God will help me be a better mother and wife.

But what I can’t pray for, what I feel I’m not worthy of praying for, is me. I feel like I am a lost cause. I don’t deserve the things that God has provided for me because I fall to temptations too easily. I always want to be better, but it’s so hard for me.  I can’t keep asking for forgiveness when I do the same wrong things over and over again.

And I’m still so confused with everything. I don’t know where I belong (as far as a church goes) and I don’t know nearly as much about the Bible as I should. When I do go to church, I feel ashamed. I feel that I am not worthy enough to stand in front of the cross.

I’m just going to continue to pray.

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Erika said...

Hi there! I'm new to your blog but I wanted to tell you how much I love this post. I feel the same way a lot of the time. I guess the more life I live, the more I realize how unworthy of it I am. I fall really short of what I should be. I think that is what is so amazing about God. He loves us even though we aren't perfect. We don't have to be ashamed because he loves us anyways. Even when we mess up over and over again (that is how things tend to go for me!).