November 25, 2013

Family weekends are my favorite.

This weekend we surprised the kids and took them to the Memphis Zoo. It was their annual "Zooper Hero" weekend, where some pretty cool guys showed up.
The kids LOVED it. It was pretty cool, but my arms were DYING from having to hold Kenzie up for 30 minutes lol. Obviously, I need to start lifting weights.

 I love the zoo. Although we didn't get to see all of the animals, since it was so cold, we still had a blast! And we saw my favorites, the penguins and reindeer.

 I love family time. I love making memories with the kids. And I'm so thankful that we are blessed enough to be able to do these things with our children!


Tennessee Honey

November 19, 2013

He makes me better.

As I've said before, my husband is my best friend and he knows me better than I know myself sometimes. We complete each other. [insert cheesy remark here lol]. We've made each other better people and he made me a Mom to two BEAUTIFUL babies, and there's no one in this world who can replace him.

I get so stressed out ya'll. Like, I can't handle the smallest things sometimes. I get pissed off at the world and I don't know how to control it. I just want to melt away in a corner until someone rescues me. And that someone is almost always Doug.

Like yesterday. Oh, yesterday.
I'm SO glad it's over.
I had men at the house ALL. DAY. LONG. trying to fix our floor heater. For the second winter now.
The kids were extra whiney and annoyed each other to no end.
The heater people didn't even leave until ten minutes before I needed to leave for class. Therefore, my hair was on top of my head and I felt like a hot mess.
My class last night didn't get out until 9:30pm. And almost everyone in my class was driving me crazy.
THEN I had to come home and do a Pre-Cal test online that was due before midnight.

But when I walked in the door last night, I saw this:
 I almost cried.
The note says, "Got you a few of your fav things to help wind down from a stressful day. You're still my hero. Love you, Doug."

And it was like the storm cloud drifted away. 
I smiled SO big and ran in the living room to hug him and tell him I loved him.

For some people, it's just a Dr. Pepper and some snack food. But to me, it's the thought that counted. He wanted to make my day better by buying me a few things that he knew I loved. 
That is why I love him.
I love him because he still loves me even when I'm going crazy.

Tennessee Honey

November 17, 2013

My plans for Christmas Break

I'm counting down the days until Christmas break from school! 3 weeks to go!

I have decided I'm going to do a whole lot of nothing. And since I'm a mom, that's never going to happen. 
BUT. I do have some exciting things planned. 
And by exciting, I mean totally boring for normal people.

I plan on:
-reading at least three books. Ender's Game and Allegiant are on the top of the list. The third is just a freebie.
-playing Harry Potter Lego & Sims. For hours.
-watching Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, and Arrow on Netflix until I'm caught up.

Umm. So that's my life. Books, video games, and Netflix.

But those are just my plans. I have TONS of activities planned for the kids!
I love this season!
Tennessee Honey

November 13, 2013

Poppin'Treats Cake Pops!

Who loves cake pops? 
Answer: everyone. 
 Am I right?!

Recently, I was given the opportunity to do a review for Jasmine (from The Jasmine Maria blog) for her Etsy shop, Poppin' Treats
Of course I jumped on this. I mean seriously, it's cake pops, people. 
I. Love. Cake. Pops.
I might possibly have a problem.

Moving on!

I received my package 2-3 days after she shipped them, from Wisconsin to Tennessee, and they tasted like they had just been made! 
SO moist and SO delicious. 

 I received a variety of cake flavors, including chocolate, red velvet, strawberry, and brownie. 
I was in cake heaven.
Each cake pop was topped with chocolate + toffee.
The smell was enough to make you want to melt!
Of course, Doug and the kids got in on the action, too.
They loved them!

I've eaten at least one a day since Saturday lol.
And I'm down to one left....I'm not so sure it will make it until tomorrow.

Jasmine was kind enough to include a discount code for my readers!

Use the code TNHONEY when you check out to receive 15% off your order! Believe me, you will not be disappointed. These would make a great holiday gift for neighbors or co-workers!

Be sure to follow along on Facebook & Twitter, too!

Tennessee Honey

November 11, 2013

Datevitation {Review + Giveaway}

I was super excited when I was contacted by Camille from Datevitation to do a review and giveaway! If you are like me, you've seen these adorable/awesome "love coupon books" floating around in blog land and you've probably really wanted one to give to your significant other! Am I right? Well, now's your chance!  

Books normally start at just $25 so it makes for a thoughtful yet economical gift.  But as a special treat for my followers, you can use the code  ‘TENNESSEE10’  for $10 off your purchase plus free shipping (total value of $13.50)  That means you can get your loved one a one-of-a-kind gift for Christmas starting at just $15!  The order cut-off date for guaranteed delivery by Christmas is December 13 so make sure to get your order in before then!
Here's a little more information about It is the web's first online platform to create a custom love coupon book. Unlike the pre-packaged love coupon books on the market, you pick the dates and can customize the text to your liking.  Once you are done customizing the text in your book, Datevitation will print it out and ship it to you. 
You now also have the option to add your own faces to the coupons! 
I did this when I made mine (which will be here by tomorrow...EEP!), and I loved it. I thought it was so cute and it felt more personalized.
The Datevitation site was easy to navigate, plus they had SO many date options to choose from! I loved it. I think Doug is going to love it, too. 
Christmas is just around the corner and these would make the perfect gift, even for parents!
Be sure you use the code "TENNESSEE10" for $10 + free shipping by December 13th to get your order by Christmas!
I will definitely be posting more about my personal date book when it arrives! And if you order one, I would love to hear about yours as well!

And now's your chance to WIN your own love coupon book from Datevitation! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was compensated for this post + my book, but all opinions are my own.

November 5, 2013

Fall Fancy Linkup + Giveaway + Pumpkin Pie Coffee Creamer!

Hey everyone! Been awhile, huh? I promise I will be back on schedule with my blog soon. I have a bunch of excited posts for you!

For all of you who are visiting for Fall Fancy, hellooooooo! I'll introduce myself. I'm Lauren. I'm 24 years young, married for 5 years to my best friend, and we have two beautiful/crazy children; Kenzie, 5, and Tucker, 3. I'm a full-time student and will be graduating with my Associates in Early Childhood Education next year! I love coffee, spending time with friends & family, and my Dachshund, Dobby.

Since this is a Fall Fancy link-up, I'm showing you a simple recipe for Pumpkin Pie Coffee Creamer!
14 oz. can of Sweetened Condensed milk
1 can of Pumpkin Puree
1 cup of milk
(If you prefer a creamier creamer, haha, use heavy cream instead of milk).
dash of Cinnamon 

Combine milk or heavy cream and about two heaping spoonfuls of pumpkin puree to a sauce pan. Simmer for about 15 minutes. Add dash of cinnamon.
Let mixture completely cool.
Pour into storage container. I use a mason jar. 
Then add condensed milk, shake, and refrigerate.
This keeps for about a week. You can be the judge lol.

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