January 26, 2014

Weekend Recap

I had a lot of fun this weekend! Saturday morning, Kenzie and I headed to Jackson for a Girl Scout workshop called "Be a Ballerina". Needless to say, she was so excited! My girl loves dancing and I'm hoping to get her signed up for dance lessons soon! She's a natural!
 The girls were so intrigued by the actual ballerinas. It was precious. They got to learn a dance from the performance of Peter Pan, got their hair and makeup done, and got to try on costumes!

 It was really nice to be able to spend some quality time with my baby girl. She's my beautiful princess and I'm so blessed to have her in my life!

Saturday night, my MIL kept the kids overnight. Doug and I ended up hanging out with some good friends playing Cards Against Humanity. I haven't laughed that hard in a very long time. Seriously, go play that game! 

I even put on makeup for the first time in a week and fixed my hair!
I felt pretty so I took a picture of myself. A selfie. Sue me.

 Sunday afternoon we had dinner at the in-laws with distant family. Delish food + family = great times. And speaking of great food, I've lost three pounds!!! I'm not quite sure how, seeing that I drank like 4 Cokes this weekend, but I did it! I have been eating a lot less though so that helps. Plus if I'm not doing T25, I'm doing yoga. I'm feeling great about myself! 

How was your weekend?
 Tennessee Honey

January 22, 2014

Back at it.

Well, Doug and I started Shaun T's T25 workout yesterday. #dead

We are determined. We can do this. I know we can. As long as I can get past the crying and sweating and dying part. And the fact that my back hurts like everyday doesn't help any. It's so easy for me to give up all the time. But this time, I've got Doug backing me up and I'm asking God to help me through this. I started reading The Daniel Plan and I couldn't put it down. I only read the first chapter, but I will be buying it on the Kindle ASAP. It's amazing.
Powerful statement that Dr. amen made back during the Daniel Plan kick off. Watch the videos here:
We each took "before" pictures and if that wasn't an eye opener, I don't know what else is. But I can't wait to show those embarrassing pictures when comparing them to our "after" photos!

Now I just need to get motivated to wake up early to workout since that's the only time Doug and I can do it together.

Tennessee Honey

January 18, 2014

Good things are coming.

Good things are coming. I can feel it. There have been a few "out of place" happenings going on lately, but it's not bringing me down or stressing me out and that's how I know that good things are on its way to me and my family.

There's so many beautiful reasons to be happy!

The bad:
*I lost one of my school grants this semester (because it ran out) so I owed money. That means I'm out of pocket for my textbooks, too. Luckily, we were able to come up with the money. We will just be tight for a couple of months. Nothing I'm not used to. ;)
*I have strep throat. I got super sick last Friday, but it went away by Monday so I didn't take myself to the doctor. Plus, I just hate waiting at the doctor's office with kids. PLUS, school started this week so I didn't have time. I finally went yesterday and I was actually shocked I had strep! I was thinking just a major cold + cough. Nope. So bring on the meds! At least I'm not too sick to function. Lord knows what would happen if that happened ha! #momprobs
*This semester, one of my classes got dropped which ruined my entirely planned out schedule. So instead of only having classes one day per week + online classes, I know have to drive 30 minutes to get to my classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, AND Thursdays. For some, that doesn't seem like a big deal. But you have to take into consideration that I have to put Tucker in daycare AND find time to do 90 hours of observations for this semester. Blahhhhh.

Psalm 94:19
 The Good:
*Doug and I are making some healthy goals for our life. More to come about this later.
*I'm reading a devotional every day and love it. One of my goals is to become closer to God and more involved in church.
*I'm working on some blog goals, too!

And yes, this post is quite random....

Also...I don't know if I've ever posted on a Saturday before!

Tennessee Honey

January 2, 2014

To Read List for 2014

Last year I didn't do so hot in the reading category. I wanted to read 20 books, but college had me at my limits. I'm hoping this semester is a little more gentle on me.

I'm not setting a number goal for my books this year, so I'm just listing the ones I definitely want to read! And with my brand new Kindle I got for my early birthday present from Doug, I should have no excuses:)

AND I got the Harry Potter book set for Christmas! So I'll be re-reading those of course:)

My favorite genre is Young Adult and I'm always looking for recommendations!
Add me on Goodreads, too!

{Click on each picture to read the synopsis}

What are some books on your to-read list?

Tennessee Honey