January 22, 2014

Back at it.

Well, Doug and I started Shaun T's T25 workout yesterday. #dead

We are determined. We can do this. I know we can. As long as I can get past the crying and sweating and dying part. And the fact that my back hurts like everyday doesn't help any. It's so easy for me to give up all the time. But this time, I've got Doug backing me up and I'm asking God to help me through this. I started reading The Daniel Plan and I couldn't put it down. I only read the first chapter, but I will be buying it on the Kindle ASAP. It's amazing.
Powerful statement that Dr. amen made back during the Daniel Plan kick off. Watch the videos here:
We each took "before" pictures and if that wasn't an eye opener, I don't know what else is. But I can't wait to show those embarrassing pictures when comparing them to our "after" photos!

Now I just need to get motivated to wake up early to workout since that's the only time Doug and I can do it together.

Tennessee Honey


Kelsey Homolka said...

you go girl!! i'd die if i saw my "before" pictures and i realize i dont even want to lose weight just firm it all up! go look on my blog, i'm wanting to do a "lookin lean in 2014" style challenge and it sounds like you'd do great with it :)

Milex said...

I love it, like for real.