November 17, 2013

My plans for Christmas Break

I'm counting down the days until Christmas break from school! 3 weeks to go!

I have decided I'm going to do a whole lot of nothing. And since I'm a mom, that's never going to happen. 
BUT. I do have some exciting things planned. 
And by exciting, I mean totally boring for normal people.

I plan on:
-reading at least three books. Ender's Game and Allegiant are on the top of the list. The third is just a freebie.
-playing Harry Potter Lego & Sims. For hours.
-watching Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, and Arrow on Netflix until I'm caught up.

Umm. So that's my life. Books, video games, and Netflix.

But those are just my plans. I have TONS of activities planned for the kids!
I love this season!
Tennessee Honey


Anonymous said...

I'm going to catch up on Scandal and reading during the holidays! :)

Erica @ SSNT said...

That sounds like a plan to me!

Jessica | Living La Vida Holoka said...

I've been catching up on Doctor Who ALL week. I just started watching and I'm hooked!