August 28, 2012

Oh, hi again!

Ya'll. I don't know what has been wrong with me.
I don't want to blog.
I barely want to read other blogs.
I mostly just want to sleep.
And I'm craving cherries. I don't even like cherries. But I saw Jenna on Pretty Little Liars eating cherries and decided I wanted some.
If I didn't have my tubes tied, I would swear up and down I was pregnant.
But that's crazy talk.
I'm just a worn out mom/student/house cleaner/cook/chauffeur.

Life as of lately?
Well, Kenzie has been loving school. I love hearing about her day when I pick her up! Today she had her first cheer practice! Awww! She has shown me her two cheers and her jump she learned. Her little cheer group is going to be performing at our local High School Homecoming game during half time! How exciting!! 
I started my classes for Fall semester. I have two classes on campus and two online. So far I'm loving it. For my English class, we are going to be discussing The Hunger Games! EEEEP! Pretty sure I'm gonna pass that one. ;)

We've been spending more time doing family stuff. It's hard to do things together when Doug works all the time, but I'm thankful for his job so I don't want to complain.
Last weekend we took the kids to the park. We had never been to this one before, and it was actually really nice! 

Oh, Doug and I started back on eating healthy again. Counting calories; walking. All that fun stuff. We walked a little bit tonight before the sun went down. It was actually nice. So wish us luck on our journey to getting healthy and losing weight....again. LOL!


mommasarah said...

Your family is so adorable! :) Good luck on the eating healthy!

Jana Faith said...

Your little people are too cute!