August 9, 2012

WARNING: Hideous childhood pictures!

Last night, my in-laws started a friendly family feud on Facebook. 
Actually, there was nothing friendly about it. The pictures that surfaced were brutal. 

So of course, I had to get in on the action ;)

Here's my precious husband:

I have a couple of concerns here.
#1- Could they not have waited until he went to the potty before taking this picture?
and #2- Why on Earth was this pose purchased? Surely the camera man did not just take this one picture and give up. 
Or maybe he did....Doug DID look like he REALLY had to go pee...

So, being the sweet, playful husband that he is, Doug comes back with pictures of me that are FAR worse than holding a wee-wee.

I was so hood.

I don't even know how to explain this one....
 And then the mother of all horrible childhood photos submerses from the depths of all that is wrong in this world....
Harry Potter glasses FTW!!!
I was wearing Harry Potter glasses BEFORE Harry Potter. 
Such a hipster.
And those bangs! Such awesomeness.

I hope these have brightened your day.

Now I must burn them.


Ashley said...

i love old school pictures!!

Jana Faith said...

Lovin' the throw back photos. It's okay, we all have them - most of us don't showcase them on our blog. Haha. Perhaps one day I'll share.

Sarah E. said...

LOLOLOLOL Doug's cracks me up. Yours all look pretty normal for 90s.

Bri said...

I nominated you for the Leibster Blogging Award! Check it out here!