February 5, 2013

We should by stock in the hospital.

It was a loooooooooong weekend this past week.

Wednesday Tucker had an EEG done at LeBonheur. It was horrible. He didn't want to go to sleep (they have to monitor his brain waves while he's asleep AND awake), so I had to literally force him to go to sleep. He screamed himself to sleep for 20 minutes. I felt like the worst mother in the world.

Then Thursday I took him for a checkup at his normal doctor because he's been wheezing.
Well, his oxygen levels were pretty low, even after a breathing treatment.
So she sent us to the hospital.

I swear, we should just have a room reserved for us here.
My poor baby.
He was fine when we got there. He got to play in the playroom.
But we couldn't get his oxygen to go up.
Especially when he slept. It would drop down to 82.
So he had to wear the oxygen tubes in his nose.
THAT was not fun at all.
But he took it like a champ. 
I was so proud of him!
We thought we were going to get to go home Friday night, but they wanted to watch him sleep one more night.
He didn't need the oxygen that night so we got to go home Saturday morning.
I was SO glad to see my bed. 
"I got tons of sleep at the hospital!" - said no one ever.

I wanted to thank everyone for the sweet tweets, thoughts, prayers, and texts! 
Tucker's doing fine now. 
He was diagnosed with asthma so we just have to be careful from now on.

Tennessee Honey


Kimmyyy83 said...

Poor boy! How scary! Hope you got all the answers you need so you can stay n your own bed this week :)

Rachel Easley said...

Poor thing. Glad y'all got answers to his breathing troubles. It's always a good, relieving feeling when they tell you exactly what's going on. Hope you get to catch some extra sleep!

Ashley said...

glad hes doing well!!

Celia said...

Poor Tucker! I'm glad they were able to diagnose him, and glad you are finally able to sleep in your own bed. WITHOUT nurses and doctors disturbing you. :)

Demetria Spencer said...

Glad Tucker is feeling better!

I have nominated you for a Liebster Award! Go over to my blog to check out all the details!

Kelsey Homolka said...

I mentioned you on my blog! Keep a look-out for the next day or so! -Kelsey from Keeping Up With Kelsey

amber.m said...

I am so glad that y'all are home & he's feeling better

Kendra Pahukoa said...

oh no, poor lil guy.
i found you through ten feet off beale and decided to come click around a little. :) so happy i did and am newly following you fun blog.
come see me when ya get a chance an hang out. :)
p.s. glad you are now home in your own bed and hope you have today off too!