January 30, 2013

Meet Kelsey. She's a Sweetheart!

As you are reading this, I'm most likely on the way to Memphis for Tucker's EEG at LeBonheur (prayers for normal results would be greatly appreciated!). So instead of my absence, I have a special guest poster today! Make sure to give her some warm Tennessee Honey welcomes!

Hello there readers! My name's Kelsey and I blog over at Keeping Up With Kelsey. I've gotten to know Lauren and I was so excited to have my first ever guest post on her blog! She's such a sweetie and she got married one day before my birthday (Sept. 27th) so that gives her bonus points in my book. 

A little bit about me, well, I grew up on a farm in small town Nebraska. Went to college for Agriculture (yup, they have colleges for that stuff), finished that degree and then started working at an Investment Firm. I felt that I needed a business degree so I started on one. Just now finishing it up, four years and two degrees later... Through it all I found a boy I kinda started getting attached to. His name is Travis, you'll hear a lot about him if you follow me. He lived straight north down the road from my parents about six or seven miles. We decided we kinda like each other a lot so after three years of hanging out exclusively we still going strong. Moved north seven miles and I've lived there ever since!

I'm an organizing freak, a self-proclaimed OCDer, an attempted DIY'er, and an avid couponer. I like to play outside in my garden, read a book or cook when I have a little bit of free time. I've been a believer in the Lord since I was a baby and I believe that volunteering is SUPER rewarding so I find myself in charge of the area youth group, teaching polka dance lessons to teenagers, finding any way to help out the local community and playing in a band with fellow community members in the summer (ya, I'm a band nerd). 

Since we live on a farm I often find myself falling in love with the new babies that are born each year, we have a ton of cows, some ponies, a couple kitties and of course, no farm is complete without an old hound barkin all night! Right now we're calving so it's kind of exhausting but the babies are so precious. But, I'd have to admit, my all time favorite part about the farm is the actual farming. Working the ground, planting seeds, spraying the tiny seedlings to keep pesky weeds away, watering in hopes that the drought doesn't kill off our money-makers and then getting to harvest those crops to find a profit is fun for me. I always post a "farming on the four's" post on my blog to keep my followers informed about what's going on around the homestead. 

Couponing, well that's a big one for me! I really never had a "I need to stop spending" moment, I'd say it's a way of life I've just learned since I was a little squirt. Anymore, I look at it as a fun challenge. Since I'm with my farm boy he's constantly busy so I find myself alone a lot. Finding yourself alone means finding a hobby, mine's saving money. Best part, I'm not spending money on my hobby. Bonus!

I love to find a good Pinterest project and attempt to re-create it. You'll find a couple on my blog, also I'm working on my list of 101 in 1001. The basic run down of it is this: you find 101 things you want to accomplish in the next 2 1/2 years and you cross them off one by one. I'm slowly getting some finished up but with the summer coming up I'm hoping to accomplish a ton more! Wish me luck!

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little bit, if you like me (or find me hilariously weird) swing on over to my blog and keep up with me!

See! Told ya'll she was a sweetheart! :)

Also, I still have a few spots left for a FREE button swap for February!
Happy Wednesday ya'll!

Tennessee Honey


2busy said...

She sounds like a cutie. Going over to meet her.

Demetria Spencer said...

Kelsey is great! She was one of the first blogging friends I made!! I love her to pieces and I hope you all will too :)

Demi @

Kelsey Homolka said...

You all are such sweeties!! :D