January 28, 2013

Because we all need a laugh on Mondays!

My husband showed me these videos one morning and I laughed till I cried.

I want to be friends with the geniuses who came up with these videos.

They take clips from sports or movies or Presidential debates or whatever and do the voice over for them, but in a super hilarious way. 

Watch, and enjoy:)


Tennessee Honey


Amanda Schroeder said...

You know I love this :) So funny!


Deanna Martinez said...

Have you seen the twilight ones? Those are amazing!

Kisha Jaggers said...

New Follower! I found you via the GFC hop!! Love your blog.. when you have time stop over at and if you like what you see, follow back! Have a great week! K Jaggers

Kassi Mortensen said...

Oh my goodness!!! The Hunger Games one is too funny! 'He's not Joe?' hahaha
~Kassi @ Truly Lovely

MacKensie said...

hahaha I loooove these. new follower from the GFC blog hop!



Anonymous said...

Holy cow that was funny!

Jenn said...

Hahaha these are hilarious! I'm loving them :)

Tina Kohrman said...

This is so truly hilarious. I am loving it. They do say that laughter is the best medicine. Thanks for sharing and by the way I am a new follower and love your blog.