January 8, 2013


Today's post is brought to you by the letter W.

As in WTF.

As I was doing my usual scroll through Facebook this morning, I came across a status from one of the town over's movie theater.
It's a small town and the theater is locally owned and are Christian based so they RARELY EVER show a Rated R movie.
Fine with me.
But the status this morning was saying something like most of the movies out right now are rated R and they are having a hard time receiving the film for non-rated R movies because of the film size.
They said they might get Django Unchained (which is Rated R) just to have something to offer.
Again, fine with me.
I'm good either way.
I mean, I AM 24 years old now. I think I can handle some cuss words and nudity.

A few people commented on the status saying that they totally understood and they don't think anything different of the theater.


Then there was this comment:
"Can I be honest? It bothers me far more to see you show movies such as Harry Potter and Twilight than it does for you to show the ocassional R rated movie. I understand that is not a popular opinion but it is my Christian conviction. The Passion of the Christ, The Green Mile, and Shawshank Redemption were all rated R but are also excellent movies with incredible lessons to be learned. I am sure there are more recent movies which also fall into the same category."

And this was my reaction:

What the hell is wrong with Harry Potter?
Twilight, I can sort of understand because it involves teenage love, blah blah blah.
But seriously people.
Get a grip.

Plus, there are PLENTY of lessons to be learned from Harry Potter. 
Just ask Dumbledore.


See? Told you.

I guess I just don't get people's logic on how some things are "bad" and some things are acceptable.

Tennessee Honey


amber.m said...

When my cousins were growing up, my aunt and uncle didn't allow them to read the harry potter books because they were such a christian family.
I thought it was absolutely absurd to NOT let them read a book about magic because they believe in God but to each his own.....

Also: the oldest of the 3 got pregnant from a drunk one nighter with her ex and married him a month after the baby was born. (He told her she was ugly and he wasn't sexually attracted to her-that's why they broke up to begin with)

the middle child is a total pothead. Got caught smoking with the paster's son one day behind the church.

the third is like goody goody as far as I know.

But yea, maybe they SHOULD have let their kids read HP. :p

amber.m said...

ALSO! I love the new bloggy look! :)

Sarah E. said...

I think it's because it's "magic" and that is pagan-y or wicca-y. Some extreme Christians do not like that stuff. :/

Jo Lane said...

It's always those idiots who haven't read/watched it to understand they are not bad. I never comment about a movie/book unless I have personally read/watched it.

Kimmyyy83 said...

Love DUMBLEDORE and his words and could not agree more!!!!

SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

Mercy. My thing is people go overboard trying to protect their kids from "the devil" when in reality, the world is full of crap that's not wholesome. When will they learn to adjust and stand on their own two feet? And like Amber M. said above, it typically ends up that the more sheltered they are, the more they go buck ass wild when they get old enough. Can't control everything! Good post!

Jessica Eustace said...

How can they NOT like Harry Potter?? They have to realize that they can't please everyone. You would think with the economy the way it is they would bring in whatever movie they could.

Erin De Young said...

I remember how big an issue Harry Potter was when it first came out. My dad is a minister so everyone seemed to think it was outrageous that he allowed his 7 year old to read them. Thankfully my parents made the point that there are many Christian authors that wrote books with elements of magic, hello The Chronicles of Narnia.

Clearly the magical part is FICTION!! Plus, Harry Potter was completely about good verses evil.

"We must all make the choice between what is right and what is easy." -Dumbledore.

Twilight I understand a bit more, but other than the mythical elements I don't understand why there should be an issue.