February 13, 2012

Beale Street Memories

Memphis was so fun.

I can't even describe how fun it was!  It was my first time on Beale Street but certainly NOT my last, now! 

Me and my BFF, Raven
Attire. Got my shirt from Rue21. The belt was mine. :)  

We really only went to two places: Wet Willie's (I got a Strawberry slushy drink. YUM!), and Club Superior (a kareoke bar.) Club Superior is where we pretty much stayed at all night. It was so fun. Doug and I sang "Jackson" by Johnny & June and we got compliments. :P I feel special.
Raven and I sang "I Kissed A Girl" LOLOLOL!!! :D

Doug got us singing on video but I made him swear to keep it on his phone!!! >.<

lol...I always make this "smirk" when I've little much to drink?

See....there's the smirk. 

The next day, we went to Kooky Canucks for lunch. And got this:

It's called the King Kookamonga. 
And it's 6 pounds.

Six pounds of ridiculousness.

Between the four of us, we only ate half.

I reallllllllly wanna go back for Memphis in May. But only if the lineup is good. :)

Oh, and I want more tattoos. Now. 


Alyssa said...

I love seeing people have a good time in Memphis :)

Raven L said...

Your post made me lol. Loved our trip and I can't wait to go again!