February 3, 2012

Friggin' Friday

I got a new tattoo two weeks ago and forgot to post about it! hurt. 

I almost passed out. Not joking. I guess for some reason, I though the shoulder would hurt less than the hip bone. Wrong-o poopie pants.

Come to find out, the shoulder blade is EXTRA sensitive! Yay.

Oh well, at least it was only a 15 minute session lol. Sixteen minutes would have been my breaking point. :P

I love it though. It's kind of like my motto.

So anyways, it's Friday. Thank you baby Jesus!!

I've got a Rotisserie Chicken cooking in the crockpot right now for dinner. Tomorrow will be shopping for an outfit to wear to Beale Street next weekend (and possibly a much needed hair cut/color)! YAYYY! And Sunday, my Nana is cooking lunch for mine and Doug's birthday. She's making my favorite, chicken rotel, and Doug's favorite, roast. Yeah, she's awesome like two different meals:)

Oh, and I'm on an Etsy crave right now. I want everything. Especially these:

1 comment:

~Mistee~ said...

Love the new tattoo!! Sure have missed reading your blog!! Oh and I need one of those bracelets too!