February 26, 2012

Whoever I Am

My best friend said something the other day that made me realize why we are best friends (besides the obvious reason: our awesomeness). She said, "What you love makes up who you are."

She's deep. :)

So, here are a few things that make me who I am (whoever that is):

1. I love to laugh. And if you have no sense of humor, please take your "dry-ness" elsewhere. I don't want to be brought down by your uppity snide remarks or your lack of love for sarcasm. I want my ribs to hurt from laughing too much. But sometimes I think I'm the only one who thinks some things are funny. Note: My Pinterest board on the things that make me LOL.

2. I like tattoos. And I have three, with more on the way. I also think men with tattoos are very attractive. I do NOT like when people judge others who have tattoos.

3. I love 90's music.

4. I love kids. I truly do. I love mine the most (naturally lol). But I feel like I'm not a "normal" mother. I don't do "play dates." I do not consider a bunch of kids running around making a mess and being loud to be enjoyable lol. Does this make me horrible?

5. I love Harry Potter. And I have a secret; I just finished reading the series this year. But, better late than never right?

Oh, and I'm a wee obsessed now.

6. Speaking of HP, I'm a Young Adult book genre lover. Yes, I'm 23 years old and a mother, but a good book is a good book. The Hunger Games, Twilight Saga....I love them all.
P.S- If you are on Goodreads, you should add me!

7. I love to sleep. And that's one of the main thing's I miss from pre-children.

8. I love to run. I used to run all the time in high school. But since having kids, I feel like I don't have the time I would like to start running again.

9. I have always been self conscious. Always. Ever since I can remember. And I'm going to try my best to never ever let Kenzie feel that way. A child should never feel that she is not good enough.

10. Coffee gets me going every morning.

11. I'm pretty sure I have more online friends than real life friends lol.

12. I could possibly live in Hobby Lobby if they let me.

13. I'm very competitive. I hate to lose.

14. Blogging is sort of therapeutic for me. I'm not sure how many people read my blog but honestly, most of the time, I'm just writing to get it out of my system! I'm a much better writer than talker.

15. I was a teen mother. That's old news. But I think my kids saved my life.

16. When I was younger (and sometimes I still do), I would look out the window while riding in the car and when we would pass a woodsy area, I would always search for unicorns. I swear to you. :)

17. I suck at doing my makeup. I wish I could do pretty eye shadow colors like normal girls but I just derp out when it comes to applying them. :(

And you know what? I'm really not sure where I "belong" in this world or what category of human I would fall in.... I like big trucks, painted nails, glitter, basketball, going out with friends, reading, tattoos, baking, playing video games, crafting....where does that put me? Country-preppy-nerdy-crafty-sporty-partyer? LOL who knows! Because I sure don't.

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