December 5, 2012

Things I {Don't} Like Thursday

I bet you guys think I'm like Grumpy cat.
Grumpy cat is grumping again.
But I'm really a happy person!
Deep down inside.


For now, it's........

1. I don't like that Sons of Anarchy AND The Walking Dead is over for this season.
So for now, we will have a moment of silence as we look upon the gifts to all women.

Channing Tatum who?
 Disclaimer: Obvsi I have a thing for bad boys.

2. I don't like when my husband buys me super cheapo coffee.
Umm, hello? I'M the one who has to drink that stuff.
Don't be a coffee Scrooge!

3. I don't like my bitch face.
I think that's why most people don't approach me.
I always look like I'm like a mean person or something.
See this for example:
My life with Chronic Bitch Face.
It pretty much sums up my life.

So there ya have it.

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Melissa @ Lulu & Sweet Pea said...

I agree on all of these. Sons of Anarchy & Walking Dead are like my 2 favorite shows now...I was just thinking the same thing as you...what am I going to do now?! :(

And I know alllllllll about the bitch face. I've been told the same thing my whole life too! It's annoying

Sara said...

Daryl is my FAV. He's gorgeous and just all around an awesome guy. LOVE IT. And I just found out about grumpy cat. He's too funny!

Miss V's Busy Bees

Hearts & Crafts Boutique said...

I love Sons of Anarchy...especially Jackson! :)

I found your blog through "Things I Don't Love Thursdays" and now I'm your newest follower. Check out my blog, too, and follow back!


Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos said...

Bahaha... I have chronic bitchface, too! lol. All day long "SMILE!" or "It's not that bad! Everything will be OK!" or "Turn that frown upside down!" And I'm like... wtf? Leave me alone, I'm fine!!!

Happy Friday!! :)

Mrs Hurley said...

I finally got all caught up with SOA!! Ummm so good! I must admit I cut my bangs to look like Tara's. and I'm with you on the Channing Tatum who? I just don't find him attractive. At all. Have a great weekend!!