December 28, 2012

2012 in Review

I can't believe 2012 is almost over.
Here are some of the most memorable things that happened on the blog this year!

I talked about my personal struggles, and felt much better.
I talked about the things that no one told me about being a's pretty crazy!
My daughter became a superhero. And learned to fly!
 I got baby fever! Staaaap it!!!
I had a Mommy/Daughter date to see Brave.
 I posted my first recipe, Cheesy Chicken Lasagna!
I posted some really embarrassing childhood pictures of my husband and I....
My first born child started PreK.... *le tear*
 Dougie and I celebrated being married for four years!
My best friend, otherwise known as "my person", and I took a road trip! Much needed girl time.
 I talked about how awesome my kids are.
Beauty is all around me.
 I dressed up like a cat for Halloween. Along with a zombie, Bat girl, and a skeleton:)
I wrote one of my favorite posts ever...It's all about Loving YOU.
 We went to our first Tacky Christmas party and it was so much fun!

Also, I reached 340 followers on my blog!! I feel so blessed. I'm hoping I can be better at keeping up with the blog next year. I'm a slacker sometimes:(



Ashley said...

It looks like such an amazing year you had!! :) Here's to 2013!

Alvina Castro said...

I like your list. Looks like a great year.