November 3, 2012

Beauty all around

Some days you just need to breathe.

Take some time and just look around you. Look at all the beauty.

Take this sunset for example.
Have you ever seen anything so amazing?
Something that stopped you in your tracks so you could run outside in awe?

I am bad about living routinely. I like routine and I like being at home.
But sometimes you forget that there is this big ole' world out there, just waiting on you to see what amazing features it has to offer.

 Some days you just need a little sunshine, some makeup, and a shower to feel better.
And a four year old photographer.
It happens.

PS- Does this count as my first semi-fashion post? ;)


Whitney Tomlin said...

Oh my word, that sunset! Reminds me of a florida sunset!

Ashley said...

beautiful pictures! You are right sometimes you need to stop and enjoy the beauty around you!

Anonymous said...

That sunset is beautiful!!! And so are your pictures. Tennessee is my most FAVORITE state. I don't think most people realize how lovely it is here. :o)

Lauren @ STYLELIXIR said...

Hi Lauren, I just discovered your blog through the hop! These photos are gorgeous, such a stunning sunset!

Lauren @

Jessica Simmons said...

I love this post! I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say hi! I am another TN blogger. And of course it counts as a fashion post!

Jessica Simmons said...

Ok, so right after I posted that last comment I was browsing your page and about had a stroke! We live 10 miles from each other, I'm from Dyer!