November 29, 2012

Things I {don't} Love Thursdays

When Melissa started doing Things I [don't] Like Thursdays, I loved it lol. Ya'll know I love talking about things that get on my nerves.

So welcome to....
So let's get this started up in hurr.
I'm not sure why I felt the need to get ganster all of a sudden...excuse me.

1. Oxblood
People, people, people. Can we just say BURGUNDY?

 2. Winning ad space and NOT getting the shoutouts or blog love as a paying "customer" would receive. Why would anyone want to win ad space if you aren't going to promote their blog? They might as well just button swap for FREE! Rude.

3.  Buns. As in hair buns.
bun bun bun bun
Okay, so I do love hair buns. But why all of a sudden are they "a new fad"?
This is my everyday hair. Since 7th grade. 
And the classic tight bun has never gone out of style...its a CLASSIC.

4. Pinterest.
As much as I love Pinterest, it has really corrupted people.
"Oh my gosh! That is the cutest idea ever!"
betch. We all know you got that from Pinterest. Don't play.

5. Speaking of Pinterest, you know what else I don't like?
When my husband doesn't laugh at everything I show him on my Funny Board.
Umm, hello? I'm hilarious and so are my pins.

6. I also hate Mother Nature.

So there ya have it. The things I'm not liking today. Or everyday. Whatevs.
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The Pink Growl said...

I love the Humor stuff on Pinterest. Always cheers me up! PS - I am loving your new blog look. That gold glitter background is to die for!

Kimmyyy83 said...

LOL I 100 million percent agree with 3 4 and 5!! haha

jess said...

Hahahaha I love all of these!

Deandra said...

New Follower :-) Looking forward to reading your posts! Hoping for a follow-back!


Jana Faith said...

Pinterest - love/hate relationship. True story. And the winning ad space, well, I've yet to accomplish that but indeed, sometimes when you're a "paying customer" it can be a bit of a bummer too. Eeps. Did I just type that out loud?!

Heather said...

ha ha! Thanks for the laugh. I'm following. Cute blog design btw!

amber.m said...

LOL!!! Lauren!! you are funny!! I love these!!
Man, the bun thing gets me too!!!
And pinterest!! NO idea is original anymore! FOR REALZ!!!

AND I go ganster all the time. I'm never sure why.

Erica M. said...

I too find it insulting when my husband doesn't laugh at whatever I find funny!


Katie S. said...

Hi Lauren! I'm new. Love this list. Burgundy is a 90's interior decorating color anyway. Calling it "Oxblood" won't make it trendy. Ugh! :)

Paige said...

Oh gosh, I wrote an entire post about how annoying pinterest can be! haha. I also have no idea why my husband doesn't laugh at all the hilarious things I tell him that I find on pinterst. It boggles the mind. And the oxblood thing, I completely agree.

elise said...

love this list lady.