November 12, 2012

I spawned awesomeness.

I know you've seen these faces around here before.

But do you REALLY know what goes on after the camera (iPhone) is put down?
Let me just tell you, it's just complete awesome.
"The shizz", if you may.

My kids are the most craziest, funniest, awesome, kids in the world. 
Aside from your kids, of course:)

Here are some reasons why I love my kids other than the normal "because I gave birth to them".

*Kenzie is reading whole books now. She's four.
She literally carries a book with her wherever we go. And she is constantly reading all day long.
Note: "She get it from her Momma"

*Forget Dora and Elmo, Tucker loves Scooby-Doo and Transformers.

*My kids know all the top hits:

*On non-school days, my kids will sleep till 9:30 sometimes. (To all non-moms out there, anything past 7am is sleeping in.)

*They rarely ever take normal pictures...

I guess they get it honest:

*When they DO take the rare norm picture, they are adorbs...if I do say so myself.

*My kids BEG me to watch Batman, The Avengers, and, be still my heart, Harry Potter.

*Kenzie actually gets to HELP her PreK teacher TEACH. 
She's so advanced in her learning, that she gets to help the other children who aren't so fortunate. How sweet is that?

*The other day, Tucker told me he had a hexagon, a rectangle, and something about a prism.
A prism, people.
I literally had to Google it because, er, I forgot what a prism was.

Ok, I'm done bragging for the day. I try not to brag about my kids, because I really don't like to compare them to others or have other people get mad because they think I'm being a Miss Braggy Pants. That's not my reason for posting things about my kids...I just love them so much, I think the whole world should know them! :)


Ashley said...

awe this is too cute I love all the cute faces!!

Courtney Cakes said...

You did spawn some cute kids!!!

GrandmaSally said...

Hi, such cute pictures =) thanks for sharing and thanks for co-hosting the hop. I am you newest follower and hope you will drop in to say hello.

Kelly Ann said...

Absolutely adorable! I love your blog and I am now following you!

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Rachel said...

Your kids are too cute, and so smart--what's not to brag about?

Leigh-Ann | A Little Bit Fab said...

Hahahaha love this post, your kids sound fabulous xc