July 26, 2012

Friday {woot woot}

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This week has been a slow one for me. I've just felt so lazy and tired and pissy. 

But, we did have an exciting Wednesday...Kenzie got to do a little modeling for a local boutique. We went to a local photographer, Brandy Kemp, to take the pictures. She's awesome. Like, amazingly awesome.

And so is my Kenz:

 {All photos copyright of brandy Kemp photography}

Although I AM partial, I do think she has a knack for being in front of the camera:) 
Ya'll, she soaked up every minute of getting her picture done. This stuff is her calling! One of these days you will see Miss Kenzie Lane on American Idol, Broadway, the big screen, or (heaven forbid) a reality show LOL!

The boutique that she is modeling for is Cambree Couture. She sells these amazing tutu outfits and a lot more for GREAT prices! Check her out!

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It's my first time. Don't judge me. ;) 
I kinda suck at painting my nails and I hardly ever do it, but the other day I was just "feeling" it.

So there ya have it. Muh nails. :)

I hope everyone has a great Friday!! You should come back Monday and tell me all about it for my new link up, Weekend Recap:)


Sarah E. said...

Kenzie is a natural in front of the camera - she's so adorable!!

I love your nails <3

jennie said...

Um, your daughter is the cutest!! Looks like she had a great time! Good job with the heart on your nails! Freehand designs are hard! :)

Kimberlee said...

Cute nails :) Love little Wonder Woman!

Amber M. said...

Kenzie is totally a natural!!
I love those pictures!!

Alyssa said...

Your nails look awesome!! The heart came out so much better than mine would've haha!

Raven L said...

From just looking at her goodness she is totally going to be famous. And you might as well start her portfolio now. If you can get the pics done for free by doing stuff like this, that would be SO much better than having to pay someone to build up a portfolio. Now if we could just find some decent pageants around here she would be golden. But I think with her raw talent she is going to have it made anyway. Please please please get that girl on a tv show. She is sooooooo good at that sort of thing. :) She could have been a Charlie. Know what I mean?

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

Wow I LOOOOVE those pictures!!

And your nails look fab, girl!

Drama Queens Mum (Kimberly) said...

Your nails came out really cute. I love the coral 1. Your daughter is adorable.

tara said...

omg she is so precious!!! and your nails look awesome! :)

Rachel said...

Your daughter is so cute and so is that wonder Woman outfit!

Franziska said...

omg, dying over those pictures - how cute is she?!

Jeni Q said...

What an adorable photo shoot! I was Wonder Woman for halloween, so I have a littel special place in my heart for those that can rock the costume - and your little one most certainly did! I love your bright colors and positivity, I will be sure to keep coming back =)