July 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

It's MONDAY! How exciting! -said no one ever.

This weekend was a very laid back and enjoyable one. 


Tucker man got a new bed!
Kenzie loving her some Dobby:)
Can you tell he's a little on a car bed.
The husband and I watched these two movies:
 Batman Begins PosterThe Dark Knight Poster


I tried doing a little DIY-ing Saturday morning....turns out, I'm not so good with tshirt crafts. Or patience.
Here's what happened:
 Step one: Remove dog from tshirt.
Step two: Attempt once more to remove dog from tshirt before cutting strips. Otherwise, there might be a mess.

 Step three: Attempt to braid strips as shown on right.
Step four: Get frustrated because you can't get it to look like the picture and throw all t-shirt materials across living room.

Step five: Give each family member a ninja headband and take picture.

Then, our besties came over that night and we drank margaritas and talked and laughed and it was very much needed.
The men cooked chicken legs on our tiny, tiny grill. 

SOMEONE ran over our normal grill......... 
it was me.


I slept until 12pm and THAT was much needed. (Thank you awesome mother-in-law!!)
 We pretty much did nothing Sunday.
I didn't even cook...we ordered pizza lol.
And we watched these movies:
Batman Forever PosterBatman & Robin Poster

(Can you spot a theme for this weekend? lol)

And btw....I watched these movies when I was way younger so it was like they were brand new again to me....but boy oh boy did I not realize how super good looking Robin is! ;)

How was your weekend?


Sarah E. said...

Batman & Robin is still my favorite of all the Batman movies.

Also I may steal Dobby.

Sarah E. said...

Also SUPER LURVE your new look :)

Sara said...

Stopping by from the hop. Tucker's bed is too cute.

Jillian @ Hi! It's Jilly said... your dog's name Dobby?!?! Ok, it's official...I have to follow your blog now. ;)