April 18, 2013

Lauren's Loves/Wants/Needs

These are a few things I've added to my Summer Wishlist.
Because in Tennessee, you don't really get a Spring. You just hop right on over from winter with 30 degree weather to 70 degree weather and then 100+ degree weather.
So summer will be here before I know it! (Like next week).
Summer Wish List

Summer Wish List by tennessee-honey featuring logo sunglasses

1//Heart sunnies! I really want some but Doug keeps making fun of me.
2//Nude wedges. 
3//Hair wrap thingy. I think they are lovely.
4//Bright yellow nail polish! 
5//Aztec iPhone case = LOVE.
6//Jean vest. I'm really loving these and need one to go with some of my dresses!
7//Brown cross-body purse. I love me some cross-bodies. They help TONS when you need about 8 more arms attached to you. #momprobs     

I'm also linking up for Coffee Talk!
Tennessee Honey


Anonymous said...

love that phone case and those shoes!

erica said...

Loving the sunnies! I think I need a heart pair! I am your newest follower. xx

Cropped Stories said...

Hey there! Here from the Blog Hop! Just wanted to let you know I'm following you via GFC and bloglovin'! Hope you'll get a chance to visit me :o) You can find me here:

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Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

I'm in VA, girl it's the same way here, straight into summer heat!! Lovin the cross body purse, I've seen so many pretty design that I'm super tempted to buy one!

amber.m said...

I like the new blog look! And I'm going to feel really bad if it's not THAT new.

Angela King said...

Thanks for linking up with Coffee Talk! I love your blog. So cute.