April 15, 2013

Things are green again.

I thought we were going to have winter forever around here. I'm ready to start complaining about how hot it is outside. 

Reasons I love Spring weather:

#1. The weather. Obvs.
Dobby agrees. This weather is great for exploring.

#2. Sports. I have a Soccer Queen on my hands!

 #3. Things that aren't dead!!

And #4. Bright colors are good to go!

Tennessee Honey


Ashley said...

So nice to have some spring finally. The pollen sucks though!

Jen said...

I wish it could stay spring all year round, that would be amazing.

Anonymous said...

I love Spring! Cute nails :)

Anonymous said...

I have to agree I love the warm weather. Although I have seasonal allergies I'm not a fan of the flowers/plants or anything that makes me sneeze lol. I do like the bright colors. :)

Angela King said...

I LOVE that polish combo. What colors are they?