July 15, 2013

Frustrated. {Weight Loss Journey}

I’m just blah right now. I’ve eaten crappy for the past week and I HATE how that makes me feel. It’s my fault I guess, but there really wasn’t much else to cook/eat in the house.

I’m also frustrated because I feel so overwhelmed and alone through this weight loss journey of mine. I feel overwhelmed because there is just so much out there in the “Eating Clean” world and I don’t even know where to start. Also, I don’t like spending hours in the kitchen cooking up meals. Easy is better for my life right now. I know that in order to eat healthy, I need to plan things out, which is fine by me because I’m a list maker & organizer. I just need help getting started.
Binge Eating Disorder
I feel alone through this journey because everyone around me eats what they want. We’re Southern. We like fried stuff and sweet tea and pie. I know everyone supports me and my journey to become healthy, but I still feel trapped. Like what do I do at a get-together? I’m like the only one who eats salad, so I know there won’t be any of that. I feel stupid eating before we go somewhere. Plus, I LOVE food. It’s hard for me to turn down chips & dip or a hot dog or a cupcake at my kid’s birthday party. My husband is doing this journey with me, but he’s not doing it like I want to be doing it. He makes it really hard to diet. He doesn’t like super healthy stuff. Not all the time. And the kids won’t eat spinach or most vegetables. We can’t afford to cook different foods for everyone at each meal. So I feel like I have to just give up trying to eat "clean". I feel if I can’t do this the way I want to do it, what’s the point?

I also have back problems since giving birth, so I can’t do hard core exercises. I really injured it last time I did 30 Day Shred. We live in the country so I don’t have a neighborhood to walk around in. Our local park is all the way on the other side of town, so there’s a ton of gas I’d have to use to drive to the walking track. I don’t know what to do.
I need a support team. I need a walking partner. I need to get more organized. I just feel hopeless in this journey right now.

We bought Wii Fit and will be starting that today. It's low impact so I don't think I will see results super fast, but at least it won't send me to the doctor in pain again. I just have to stick with it.

I was doing so good when we first decided to get healthy. I lost 5 pounds by counting calories and drinking more water. But I swear, I eat one wrong thing and I’ve gained 2 pounds back. That’s my life ya’ll. I’ve struggled with weight as long as I can remember. The only time I was in shape and healthy was my Junior year in high school.

So there’s all my frustrations laid out. *sigh* Am I crazy for getting stressed?

If you have any pointers or tips or questions or whatever, email me! I would love to hear success stories or motivational tips or anything you got!


Anonymous said...

I'm not southern, but I love fried chicken & sweet tea. I could never diet. I just can't do it. I love my crap food too much!

Katie H said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling discouraged!!! Everyone goes through those "blah" times and they are never fun. Something that has helped me when I feel like I'm in it alone is just getting outside for a walk...Even just half an hour getting out and maybe even starting to jog towards the end gives me so much refreshment {and time to think while I'm sweating and burning calories :)}... By the time I get back sometimes I even want to do some squats and push ups and then I realize how good it feels to be active, and my motivation is lifted a little bit again...

The Pink Growl said...

Anyone who has tried to lose weight has definitely felt your pain sister! Hang in there! I've been struggling too with being consistent. I'm not happy with my body AT ALL but I just haven't made the commitment to make changes. WE CAN DO IT!

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

So sad to hear how overwhelmed you're feeling. Don't try to do it all at once. Pick one thing to focus on and once you have that down add something else. Maybe just try to do one thing first like cutting out snacking between meals, going for a walk in the country a few days a week to start, cutting a little off on portion size at meals, choosing water rather than other beverages. Focus on one manageable thing first and don't overwhelm yourself with the whole picture. I'm in AA and when I quit drinking I had to focus on one day at a time and sometimes just one moment at a time. The good, healthy habits will fall into place eventually. I wish you the best!

Demetria Spencer said...

I know how you feel darling. We are so close on this race it's not even funny! Living in the same area, I understand what you mean to a "T"! I want to be healthier myself but I don't see how I can ever cut the "bad" stuff out 100%. I have cut back and I do eat healthy foods ... it's not always junk! I guess you just have to do it little by little. Well, that's the way I see it anyways. Just don't cut out too much all at once! I have sugar and blood pressure problems (just like my dad but he has way more than me) and one thing he taught me is this: You body grows used to your habits ... if you take them away all at once, you will crash and it could hurt you. He's had to give up things like high salt intake and things like that but he couldn't do it all at once, he had to do it in little increments. That's always something to think about too!

Angel said...

I am so sorry sweetie. I feel you, not on the kids point but my boyfriend is like your kids, he won't touch vegetables, or fruits, fish, anything that is healthy for you he won't eat so it is really hard for me to eat healthy. I can't walk in my neighborhood either but mainly because he's afraid I'll get shot.
Good luck with the WII Fit let us know how that works for you, I've been debating getting one too.
my advice is to just take it one day at a time, and if you eat chips and dip at a party don't beat your self up, just move on to the next day and slowly you will be able to say no to them, and it will make you proud of yourself

Jen said...

Don't give up!! It's always a battle but you can do it!

Desiree' said...

I totally hear you. It is not easy by any means! When I was just starting out, I made the conscious effort to change just one thing a week. Then the next week, I implemented something else (first week, no sodas, 2nd, walking, etc...)
Pretty soon these small changes started to become habits. I had no one else that I had to rely on, only myself. So I made a promise right then and there, that I would be accountable to only one person... me.

I still have good days and I still have bad days, but so far the good easily outweigh the bad. And the fact that I am seeing progress sure does help.

Be sure when you start, take your measurements and photos even if you don't want to. Trust me, on the days when you don't see a the big picture, just seeing how far you've come can be a HUGE motivator.


Angela King said...

I am right there with you! I just started counting calories and using myfitnesspal about a month ago. I'm down 13.5 pounds but i find that on days that I eat somthing "bad" even if I don't go over my calories for the day I stay at that weight or gain for days. But if I stick with it, I'll see a sudden drop a few days later.

You can do it. You just need a support system. And it doesn't have to be right there with you. It can be all of us. If you have myfitnesspal, add me. I'm ambc23. We can support each other! Even if you're not on MFP, if you're interested in supporting eachother, let me know. I"m here for you. Trust me, I LOVE food too. :)

Nikki Mitchell said...

I know exactly how you feel! I LOVE food but I want to eat clean and get healthy. The hardest part is getting started. Good luck and I will definitely be rooting for you!!