July 24, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

I had lost 2 more pounds since last week, but then I made mistakes. I was doing really good all week until yesterday. Yesterday I ate a cookie and drank two Sprites. I haven't had soda in like 3 weeks. Blahhh. And for dinner I had two helpings of taco salad. I just overate and made myself miserable. Lesson learned though. Because from yesterday morning to this morning, I'd gained back 2 pounds. And I feel bloated. Boooooo. I've been off my game for counting calories, too. I guess this is just my "off" week. 
Here's to starting new. Again. lol!

Height: 5'6"
Starting weight: 220 lbs
Last week's weigh in: 212 lbs
Current weight: 212 lbs
Goal weight: 160 lbs.

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Here's some motivational mojo!

Pretty Strong Medicine

Tennessee Honey


Desiree' said...

Sending you a request on MFP :) geauxgirl42 here!

Sorry about the gain, but I think you'll drop that again in no time.

Jen said...

Just keep on going my friend! Hugs!

Megan said...

Just keep going, dont let it get you down! You've done so good so far!!

Ash Z said...

we all have those off days. My downfall is ice cream! I could eat it all the time, but I have to limit myself. I have learned to enjoy my guilty pleasures more when they are few and far between. You are doing great keep it up :)


way to go on the losing the weight. that's great. wish I had the motivation and will power.

come check me out sometime. I'm following you on bloglovin

The Pink Growl said...

you can drink lots of water this week and pee that 2 lbs right back out!

bailey j said...

You've recognized and faced it and now it's time to move past it! You got this, girl! Added you to mfp :)

Theresa Sutton said...

So you've hit a snag. The important thing is that you hop right back on that train and keep moving forward. You've got this!

Rebecca Harasym said...

Everybody has good and bad weeks! Just keep positive and you know it will get better!


Nikki said...

Just keep going! You're doing great and every little bit helps. Also - you need to indulge somewhere or else you'll binge. Keep it up!!
Nikki at