December 30, 2013

See you next year!

Get it? Because tomorrow is 2014? 

I crack myself up.

Self high five

2013 was sort of really boring. Nothing major happened. No births. No marriages. No milestones. I'm hoping 2014 has a lot more to offer!

I've learned to never set personal goals for my NY Resolutions because I never follow through with them. Ever.

But I will set some goals for my blog!

1. Youtube!! I love watching other bloggers post videos, but I always feel like a weirdo talking to the camera + I hate the way I talk + I never really have anything to vlog about. But I will try this year! Give me some vlog ideas!

2. New layout. I'm actually going to pay for a blog layout this time. I never really love my blog when I re-do the template. Plus it's a headache. So coming soon there will be a new fresh look!

3. More personal posts. Here lately, I feel like I'm just throwing stuff together. I'm going to try to post more about my super interesting life *ahem...sarcasm*.

4. READ MORE BLOGS! Ya'll. I am so bad about posting my own post, and logging off. That's a bad blogger right there. I need to connect more! I'm thinking about doing a link-up once a week just so I can hold myself accountable for reading other blogs.

Do you set goals for your blog? I would love to hear them!
 And just because it's the last day of the year, let's do a recap shall we?
Here are some of my most popular posts of 2013:

*I attended a Book Themed Baby Shower that my SIL hosted, and it was adorable!
*I was asked if I regretted getting married so young once.
*My daughter tested for first grade reading, and she's in Kindergarten!
*Kenzie turned 5 and Tucker turned 3. Happy Birthday babies!
*We visited Metropolis, the home of Superman!
*I got super personal and posted something that most people, even I, am ashamed to admit.
*I talked about my love for music.
*I got a tattoo for my 24th birthday!

Well, so long until next year! (I just love saying that haha!)
I wish everyone a safe and happy new year!

Tennessee Honey

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Theresa Sutton said...

Sounds like you have big plans for 2014! I've been wanting to do v-logs as well. If you stumble upon a pretty decent online video editor, please pass me a link.

Happy New Year!