September 26, 2013

Regret getting married so young?

The other day in class I was asked by a girl I barely know if I regretted getting married so young. Well my first thought was to tell her to mind her own business. But then I started to think. Did I regret getting married at 19?

Today is my five year anniversary with my one and only husband. I'm 24 years old, so yes, that puts me at becoming a wife at the ripe age of 19. 

And while some people may look upon this as "regretful", I do not. 
The way I look at it, I'm blessed to marry so young.

I get to live with my best friend longer than most people.

I appreciate everything we have, because we started with nothing.
I get to grow up with him AND grow old with him.

We get to be kids WITH our kids. We can laugh about silly stuff, dance around the house in a Hulk mask, and watch Disney movies without thinking twice about it.

I don't have to worry about impressing "some guy" anymore because I've found the one who loves me best in sweat pants and a baggy t-shirt.

Even though we started from the bottom, we are gradually making our way to the top with support from each other and hard work.

Since we got married young, we were able to grow from each other. We didn't have much time to ourselves so we never became selfish people. That made it easier to live with each other.

Although we did have a child together before marriage, being young makes a world of a difference when it comes to keeping up with kids. But that's a whole other blog post ;)

My husband is my best friend. I couldn't ask for better. He knows me better than I know myself. He always stands by my side and always has my back. We put each other first.

So to answer my first question: Did I regret getting married at 19? The answer is no. Forever no.

We've worked hard to become the people we are today, and I'm so blessed to spend the rest of my life with my husband and the father of my children.

Tennessee Honey


Morgan Rae said...

This is beautifully written! I'm 23 and planning my wedding, and I get asked constantly why I am "wasting my twenties by getting married so young." I definitely don't think I'm wasting anything. I found the man of my dreams, so why not start my life with him now? Congrats on your upcoming anniversary!

Meg @ Mr.C and Me said...

Similar to ^Morgan I got married at 22, the summer right after college and while family & friends were supportive, many people others were not. Even now - 2 years later - we are still getting shocked looks when it comes up in conversation that we're married. "But you're so young?!" Damn right we are and lovin' it! Like you said we are lucky and get to have more time and more adventures with our partners :)sure, it's not for everybody - but when you find someone and decide to make a life with them then the timing is right - no matter if you're 19 or 60 :)

Kelsey Homolka said...

You tell em girl! I honestly wish I could have gotten married at 20 when we were first together but 3 1/2 yrs later we're still dating. I think getting married isn't a bad thing when you're younger. I just think people don't want to actually work at a marriage and find divorce the easier option. If you're married younger you're going to fight. There's always going to be temptations but if you stay faithful the end reward is worth it! Way to tell em girl :)

Jen said...

I love this! :) I'm so glad that getting married young was the right decision for you, not many people think it through and that's why the fail. :) You seem so incredibly happy and that's amazing.

Breenah A said...

I love this post. I got married at 20 and sometimes it's hard because we have no married friends, or even friends who are in serious relationships really. I can understand why people think that young marriages won't work, but the fact that that girl flat out asked if you regretted it? Rude.