September 11, 2013


Want to know my main cause in "failing" in my weight loss journey?


I hate it. I hate that thing that puts those God awful numbers in my face and screams, "HAHA! THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR SLIPPING UP ONE TIME THIS WEEK!".

No. No, scale. I refuse to let you turn me into an ugly number. I refuse to look at myself by YOUR standards. I'm putting you in hiding for a long time.

Some of you may not understand what I'm talking about. But some of you live like this, just like I do. You wake up, you weigh. You eat breakfast, you weigh. You pee, you weigh. You poop (lol), you weigh. You work out, and immediately weigh. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of relying on a machine to point me towards happiness. I'm tired of seeing "bad" numbers and just want to give up.

I am NOT a number on a scale. And I refuse to let it change my attitude.

So from today on, it's baby steps and ZERO weighing! I want to focus on feeling better, having better skin, and not being so tired all the time. I'm going to set mini goals for myself. And I want you to join me! It's a proven fact that people will more likely lose weight with a support team! So who's with me?

My first goal is to drink ONLY water for 10 days. Well, besides my one cup of coffee in the morning lol. Duh.

If you are going to do this mini goal with me, I would LOVE to hear about it! Tag me on Instagram; Tweet me; Facebook me. I don't care!! I just want to see some motivators! :) Use the hashtag #NoMoreScales so I can see!

Tennessee Honey


Kelsey Homolka said...

I've been cutting out pop (or attempting to) for almost a month now! Not so much a weight difference but I have noticed that I don't crave it as much as I used to! I'm doing the #30milesin30days challenge where basically you try to run/walk/jog/roller skate for 30 days and try to get 30 miles logged. You should come jump over and give it a try :)

Jessica | Living La Vida Holoka said...

I HATE going by the scale so I usually determine weight gain/loss by how my clothes feel. Every once in a while I step on the scale just to get a solid number, but I refuse to weigh in daily. Just like counting calories, I found it to be more discouraging than helpful in my weight loss goals. Good luck!

The Pink Growl said...

There you go! Base your progress on your clothes fitting and how your body feels and that will be more rewarding! You got this!

leelee said...

I only look at the scale when I think I've been having a good stretch. Otherwise, I just go by how my clothes fit. Even at the same weight, clothes have fit differently at different times.

Nikki Mitchell said...

I plan on participating...after my bachelorette party this weekend LOL :)