September 22, 2013

Busy Week! {Weekend Recap}

This week has been crazy. I'm still trying to adjust to my schedule, which now includes two days a week of observing in a PreK classroom! It's SO much fun and I love watching the kids/teacher! I can't WAIT to have my own classroom! Hopefully that will come sooner than later. One of the pluses of observing at the Elementary school, is that I get to see Kenzie at lunch. :)

Tucker started daycare, too. I was so nervous for him. I didn't want to leave my baby boy. But turns out, he didn't mind at all! He went right to play when I dropped him off. He was so excited to tell me about his day when I picked him up:) That just made it SO much better on me.

I went to parent/teacher conference Thursday for Kenzie, and of course, she's doing just fine. She's adjusted to taking her 1st grade class SO well. She's even made a 100 on Phonics, Spelling, AND Reading on her progress report for 1st grade! 

Saturday I went to get my phone replaced. Yes. My phone that I JUST got less than a month ago....I dropped it on the concrete and it cracked. But thanks to Best Buy's Geek Squad insurance, I was able to replace my phone with a brand new one for freeeeeeeeeee! Then we went to watch the UFC fights that night with some friends and delicious food.

Sunday was the lazy day, duh. Subway for lunch. Homework assignments. Avoiding housework. The usual lol.

And I guess I didn't take one picture this weekend! Shame...shame....
Tennessee Honey

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Kelsey Homolka said...

How neat! I always told myself if I was going to be a teacher I'd deff be an elementary one! They kiddos are just too fun! :)