May 8, 2012

A couple of thoughts

Just rambling. Because I feel that my poor blog is neglected because I haven't had any bloggy thoughts lately. 
Oh, I've had PLENTY of thoughts, just not some that need to be made public. Yet.

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On that note:
I need a journal. A clean, blank, beautiful journal to keep all my thoughts inside. 

I need a new blog design but I'm too broke lazy to re-do it :/

I'm currently reading The Five People You Meet In Heaven. And I like it. I'm halfway done. But I can't seem to find my Kindle at this moment. [Note to self: Don't leave valuable electronics where tiny hands can reach.]

I'm not doing so great on my diet. Maybe it is destiny that I will be fat forever. 

Lately, I haven't felt like going to church. I know that sounds awful, but I just don't feel like I belong. I'm at constant battle with myself of "good and evil"; where "good" was childhood, no worries and "bad" is life now, reality, grey. And then sometimes I want to go to church, but for all the wrong reasons. See how messed up I am? lol

Today I ate 749020 pounds of sushi for lunch. And it. was. awesome. 

I made my new twitter background:)

That's enough rambling for today!!

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