May 21, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend was filled with lots of fun.

First off, Friday, I made my all time favorite cookie that I have been trying to make for 5 years. 
[Hey! It takes a precise method!] 
 That night, we all went to the local minor league ballpark to watch the Jackson Generals play. The kids loved watching the little races they do in between innings and dancing to the music. 

And Tucker got him a ball!!

Look at all this sass....


We're still working on sitting like a lady with dresses on. LOL!

Eating peanuts with Daddy<3

There was a fireworks show too but I didn't get any pictures of it :(

Saturday, Doug buzzed Tucker man's head!! 

He looks like a little man! No more babies here :( 

Saturday night was Doug's softball game and then our besties came over. My BFFFFF helped me clean out my junk closet. Now THAT'S a best friend LOL!

Now I'm just hoping today is good to me! Oh, Monday. Without coffee, I would just ram my head against the wall.


Randoms said...

i am so with you twin!! I can never get those cookies to harden right :/

Raven L said...

You're darn tootin' I am! :D