May 31, 2012

I'm not a girly girl

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I've come to the realization that I'm really not FULLY a "girly girl". 

I don't watch a lot of girly TV shows like Grey's Anatomy, Army Wives, Desperate Housewives, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, etc.
These three are the only exception to my "girly" tv shows:

                                                                               Source: via Lauren on Pinterest
                                                                                                Source: via Lauren on Pinterest
                                                                                            Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Jane By Design (for those who didn't know)

 I mostly watch shows like Duck Dynasty, The Walking Dead (FAVVV!), Sons of Anarchy, House (*tear*), Moonshiners, The Hatfields & McCoys.

Other things that make me a not-so-girly-woman/lady/whatevs:

I could live in tank tops/tshirts and jeans. Literally. Like these outfits are "ME":

I don't have the latest fashions, so I don't do the 'Outfit of the Day' posts.

My nails are rarely painted; only on special occasions. And you will NEVER see me pay for acrylic nails. Gross. But my toenails are always a nice shade of pink or red:)

I own two purses. TWO.

I choose not to wear heels unless they are magic heels and won't hurt my feet. I haven't found any yet.

I don't take 2 hours to get ready. Unless, of course, it's a special occasion and I want to do something francyfoo with my hair.

I could care LESS about real jewelry. Your bling bling don't impress me! :) I would rather have cute vintage stuff. Plastic. Copper. Ya know, cheap. I'm the worst at keeping up with stuff anyways, so it would just be a waste of money for me to lose it...

I like tattoos. Actually, I love tattoos. I love looking at other people's tattoos and I love my tattoos.
And I always have.

like all girls, I am insecure, I love sloppy romantic movies, and chocolate makes everything better for me.

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starryeyedjen said...

Cute post! I'm not really a girly-girl either, though I do live vicariously through some of the shows I watch and books I read. I'd like to be more like that, but that's too much work! :P