June 2, 2012

June's Yum-yums. [with free printable!]

I menu plan.


So I don't have to stand in front of the food cabinets for an hour deciding what's for dinner OR to avoid asking everyone what they want and getting 17 different responses. Which is still puzzling because we only have four people in our house....

Also because I'm a list making, organizing, craycray woman. :)

So I make a monthly menu to keep things a little less hectic. And also, because we like to do all our grocery shopping in one day, for the whole month lol. Well, as much as we can (minus fruits/veggies that won't be used immediately).

This is where Pinterest comes into play. We get tired of the same ole foods all the time. But who doesn't? So we try to incorporate at least 3 new recipes each month.
This month I went a little food crazy and picked 7 new recipes! Along with some lunches for the kids and a movie night snack!

Here's the new recipes we are trying this month:


*White Chicken Enchiladas*

                                                             Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

*Italian Meatball Bake*
                                                                         Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

*Crockpot Chicken & Rice Casserole*

                                                                   Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

*Crockpot Beef Stroganoff*
Side Note: I am ONLY making this because it will be Father's Day this month and this is one of Doug's favorite foods....I'm not a huge fan. BARF
                                                               Source: via Lauren on Pinterest


 *Bacon Breakfast Bake* 

                                                      Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

*Cinnamon French Toast Bake* 

                                                                 Source: via Lauren on Pinterest


*Cake Batter Muddy Buddies*
                                                                  Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

And eventually (hopefully tonight or tomorrow since we will be grocery shopping Sunday) I will get my full menu made for the month. 

And here is my weekly menu planner I made in about 3 seconds. Hence the simpleness ;) Feel free to download and print as many as your heart desires!

Printable Menu Planner

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Kristen Danielle said...

Mmmhhmmmm that cake batter puppy chow looks devine!! Also, I made that white chicken enchilada recipe. It was good! :)