June 8, 2012

Ye-haw for nerdlife!

So, I feel like I've contradicted myself.

In a couple of posts ago, I said I never do "Outfit of the day" pics.

My favorite top. Necklace. Wavy hair-don't care.

Well....I lied. For some reason, (and I'm not complaining!), I've been more self confident lately. I've lost 10 pounds since January and kept it off. I can't really tell a difference but I know that I'm 10 pounds lighter than last year, so that counts for something right? Also, like I said yesterday, I'm beginning to become more "me" and not care what anyone thinks. I've tried being the popular one; that didn't work. I've tried being the snobby one; that wasn't fun. I've tried being the rebel; that got me nowhere. So I'm thinking if I tried being myself, things would work out a little better. And like always I was right.

I know I do a lot of "who I am" posts, but I figure, the more people get to know me, the better to decide if they like me or not. ;)

I've come to realize that I don't fit into any category; more like ALL the categories put in one!

  • Polos = NoNo's. I would never be caught DEAD wearing a polo shirt/dress/whatevs.
  • BUT, I like sparkly things and anything monogrammed. :)
  • Acrylic nails are a no-go either.
  • Ok, maybe I'm not preppy at all.....

  • As much as I tried to avoid it, I think this is the category I fit best in. I love superheros, reading (although this hardly qualifies anyone as a nerd...more like educated), video games, and Harry Potter (you're just not awesome if you don't like Potter).
  • As a child I played with Pokemon, watched Pokemon, and played Doom on the computer. Yeah, I was pretty awesome and I didn't even know it LOL!!
  • I want my hair to be red. Like fire engine red. And it's gonna happen. And I have no clue why this is under Nerdy. 
  • My newest goal, is to go to a Comic Con. #nerdlife

  • I hate country music. My only exceptions are Miranda Lambert & Taylor Swift. Or if I'm drinking beer. Weird. 
  • I love cowboy boots, living in the country, gardens, barn weddings, camping, drinking out of mason jars, and bonfires.

 Oh, and I've reached 100 Followers! Wow! :D

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