June 4, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend was pretty laid back. We didn't go anywhere or do anything crazy. Actually, I'm embarrassed to say, I hardly left the couch! Besides the usual house cleaning, I just relaxed. All weekend.


We did have a few friends over Saturday night to grill some DELICIOUS burgers and hang out by the fire.
Also, I wanted to show my random Outfit of the Day picture I decided to take of myself lol. It shows my normal style, simple and boring.


Sunday was church & grocery shopping. My sweet mother in law watched both of our kids for us so we could "shop in peace" lol. We got done an hour earlier than we normally take just because we didn't have the kids. Crazy.

That night, we watched The Sitter with Jonah Hill. It was better than I was expecting. (I was expecting it to be reeeeealy dumb). 

And Bailey's coffee creamer if heavenly. Just letting you know. :)

Today, I'm starting to plan for my babies' birthday party! In exactly a month, Tucker will be 2. And in a month and a week, Kenzie will be 4! It feels like yesterday when I was planning their last party :(

So, how was your weekend?! :)

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