June 23, 2012

I'm against the latest hot topics.

I've noticed lately that I'm kind of going against the grain on the latest "trends". And I'm not even doing them on purpose.
I'm rebelling for no reason!!! :P

For example.....

*Fifty Shades of Grey.

Dude. I tried it. I really did. I gave it several chapters. But everything annoyed me. The narrator, the sex. It just seemed to me like the author was trying a liiiiiiitle bit too hard.
Also, the fact that old women talk about this is kind of creepy.
AND, I wish Hollywood would hurry the heck up and pick out who is going to play Christian Freakin' Grey!!!! I DO NOT CARE! Just give me my superheros and all will be good.

But like I said on my Twitter, I guess I know now how Twilight haters feel. :P

*Magic Mike

First of all, the trailer to this pisses me off. "Go ahead and tell your husband you're going to book club..." or something like that. Urrrrm.

huh gif Pictures, Images and Photos

I would actually go to book club....
And not lie to my husband. LOL!

And also Matthew McConaughey is like 97 years old and has lost too many brain cells from smoking weed surfing, and Channing Tatum may have a rockin' bod but his acting skills are lamesauce.

*Ombre Hair.

Obvs, someone copied my sometimes-hairstyle. Because I've been rockin' ombre hair since High School. 

                                                                                        Source: via sally on Pinterest

But I called it "too broke to get my hair colored again so I'll just let it grow out".

I feel like I'm the only one who thinks these trends are cray...

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Sarah E. said...

I agree on Magic Mike and ombre hair except some people can pull it off - like Khloe Kardashian. I Like hers. But seriously Magic Mike?? WTF. I don't care what anyone says...Channing Tatum looks like a troll - WHY do people find him attractive?! And Matthew M didn't lose those brain cells from smoking weed - he was born that way :P