October 18, 2012

"It's OK" Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays 
-that I am mad at almost everyone but keeping it to myself.
-that it's almost noon and I'm in pajama pants. Hey, I've been cleaning! 
-that I want to move far away but bring certain people with me. Mostly just my grandmothers.
-that Fall Break was both good and bad for me. Good because I got a break. Bad because I'm still in "break" mode. 
-that I got eye shadow for "brown eyes" in my VoxBox yesterday....I have blue eyes.
-that I'm still looking for shoes to go with my dress this weekend.
-that I am more excited for Halloween than anything. Well, except for Christmas.
-that I am going to distance myself from everyone that doesn't matter to me or that want to bring me down.
-that I put my family above anything else.
-that I let our house plant die. It was ug anyways.
 -that I'm really wanting a tattoo on my foot.
-that I think my kids are the most awesome in the world.



Miss Riss said...

I love that you abbreviated "ugly," ...I'm gonna have to use that, "ug," hahaha!! I keep hearing about these vox boxes...are they the same as a birch box?! Happy Thursday!! :)

Raven L said...

What is a vox box?? And I LOVE YOU!

Jen @ frazzled 5 said...

Super cute blog! (Adore the blog header).
New Follower, & would love you to link up at my southern blog page.