October 13, 2012

Long vs. Short.

Why does my husband ALWAYS have opposite opinions from me?

For example, I got two dresses the other day for my SIL's wedding because I just couldn't decide on which one I liked better AND they were about $10 each. Can't beat that right?

My husband liked the blue and silver dress.

My heart was set on the black and pink dress.
(Please excuse my dirty ass mirror)

I think I'll go with the blue and silver one though....My SIL's wedding colors are navy so I will match the kids and Doug in pictures with this dress better.
But what shoes?! Silver? Navy? Black? (It does have some black in it).

And Doug and I are constantly debating on my hair.

He likes my hair short.
[Please excuse the kissey face...I stole that pic from MySpace...NO JUDGING!!]
I love my long hair.
And I cry every time I cut it.

This is where my fantastic readers come in....
Which hair do YOU think suits me better?
And what shoes should I wear for the wedding?

Be honest.
I can take it.


Hayley said...

I like the short. :)


Sarah E. said...

I think I like short too.
White shoes? or Silver?

Erin said...

I like the short on you too, but everyone always like me with short and I always like the long better.
Also I say silver shoes!

Jana Faith said...

I like the blue and silver dress too. It's the most flattering on your shape. I think you should go with black shoes. They'll look dressier. And I think I already let you in on it, but I am really digging your longer hair. :o)

Amber McCain said...

I agree with Doug on the dress and hair. Haha. Sorry.

Lauren said...
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Ashley said...

I like both dresses! Wear the first to the wedding and second for date night??

I'd go with black shoes.

Also wear your hair in a medium cut little short but long enough you are happy. I keep mine just below my shoulders. :)