October 11, 2012

Meet Dobby


You thought I meant this Dobby, didn't you?
Well, obviously this Dobby needs no introduction.....hopefully.

No, I'm talking about THIS Dobby!
Isn't he presh?

That's my Dobes.

And actually, although I spell his name D-O-B-B-Y, we actually pronounce it D-oh-bee. 
I figured since we aren't British, we'll just pronounce it like we want. 
And yes, his name is from the original Dobby from Harry Potter.
And yes, his full name is Dobby Dumbledore.
And yes, I love Harry Potter.

We adopted little Dobby when he was 4 months old.
It was love at first lick:)

And just to clarify, he licked my face. I did not lick a dog.

The kids love him, too. And vice versa.

It's funny how a little animal can take up so much space in your heart and become part of the family. 
Dobby is the first dog I've actually cared about since my Punkin disappeared four years ago.

Do you call your pets weird nicknames? 
Because I do.
Such as:

Yeah....I'm a little weird, huh? 

Mini version of Air Bud right there.
And all this dog does is sleep.

But seriously, this dog is a part of our family.



Esther Davison said...

Dear Lauren,
I have two bangal cats that will probably be gracing my blog tomorrow. As for nick names, I have a list: chompsy, chompsinator, kirbinator, irber, and kirbster. Actual names: Chomps and Kirby. They've taken up my whole house and heart. I love those little furballs. Thankfully they sleep a lot but when they're not sleeping they're talking. Esther Norine Designs

Bri said...

Ok so he IS shittin adorbs!! LOL ;)