July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Boy

I can't believe it.

My baby boy is one.

My sweet baby boy is a year old.

My little Firecracker Baby born on the 4th of July

Here's my birth/first year story for my baby Tucker man:)

I was due July 2nd, 2010. With Kenzie, my first, I went into labor at 39 weeks. Needless to say, at 40 weeks & 2 days, I was miserable. Out-of-my-mind-miserable. And for good reasons:
1. I was 2 days past due.
2. It was mid-summer and HOTTTTTT.
3. I was carrying a toddler...

See? There's a toddler in there:)
 This pregnancy was really weird different from my 1st pregnancy (with Kenzie). I only gained 25 pounds and only in the last 4 months. I kept loosing weight at first. I think it was because it was fate for me to give birth to a monster lol. He kept taking all my vitamins & nutrients from me!! I also had PICA. Now THAT crap was crazy lol. I craved dishwashing liquid and Pine-Sol. I wish I were joking. I also loved the smell of paint and cleaning products. I told you it was crazy...
 disclaimer: I never ate any cleaning products. But I did sniff the crap out of some lol.

I also had a different OBGYN than I had the first time. He was very quite and I only saw him 3 times before birth. The only thing he ever said to me was, "How tall are you?" Me: "5'6"....." Dr. : "Okay, good. That's gonna help you in the birthing process. You are carrying a large baby." And walks out. 

On July 2nd, 2010, I went in for my regular 40 week check-up. I cried & begged politely asked my mid-wife to induce me lol. I was stuck at 4cm for almost a week. I literally thought I was going to be pregnant forever. But I'm glad she talked some sense into me and told me to wait. I have never been induced and never will be. (No mo' babies for me!).

The next day (July 3rd) I woke up and was mad that I was still pregnant lol. (You know; hormones.) So I cleaned out my car like I was cleaning up a crime scene. In the heat. And I didn't even realize my water had been leaking all day. (I didn't know because my water was broke by my doctor with K.) I wake up at around 2:30AM with a bad contraction, get out of bed, then "pop", my water breaks. And here comes the contractions. 

As soon as my water broke, my contractions were 4 minutes apart and gradually getting stronger by the minute. The hospital is 35 minutes away. We call my MIL to pick us up (our car air-conditioning was out) and she's there in like 2 minutes lol. I don't remember much of the car ride up there because I was so focused on my contractions. I thought I was going to hurt somebody.

We get to the hospital in 20 minutes. Yep, 20. They knew I wasn't playin'. We get to my room, put my gown on, blah blah, and I'm freaking out. I don't do pain very well and labor pain is unimaginable. I was nauseous from it and hyperventilating.  I didn't want an epidural this time but I caved:( They made everyone leave the room (including Doug). This freaked me out even more. As the nurses were waiting on the anesthesiologist to come (which I think it took him about 4 years....), they all left the room too. So here I was, freaking out, in more pain than you can imagine, and the only place that I could feel a little bit of comfort was the toilet. Yes, the toilet. So then I thought I was going to give birth in the toilet and no one would be there to witness it. 
But that didn't happen (thank God). The anesthesiologist FINALLY came and gave me the epidural. I calmed down some but the stupid medicine made me cold and shake. So now I looked like a crack addict who was going through withdrawals. Wonderful.

I kept telling the nurses that I needed to push and finally someone listened to me. But Tucker had dropped SO quick after the epidural, it didn't take all the way. It took away my stomach cramps but I felt ALL the pressure and pushing. ALL. 

When they pulled one of his shoulders out, the doc said "We've got a linebacker here!". Okay I don't really care man. Just GET HIM OUTTTTTTT! lol (I didn't really say that but I was thinking it) After the final push, out comes a beautiful baby boy!! I just started laughing lol. I don't know why; I guess I was just relieved to not be pregnant have a baby boy finally. THEN, they put him on the scale. I laughed even harder. 

10 pounds 1oz.

I just gave birth, out of my hoo-hoo, to a 10 pound child. (lol hoo-hoo)

And oh was he precious. 

He's been wrapped around my finger since day one. And been stubborn since day one, too. He kept tearing the little monitors off his ears in the nursery haha!

I was up and walking 2 hours after I had him. I didn't even feel like I just had a baby. It was great. And on the way home from the hospital, I just felt complete. My little family was complete. I had a wonderful husband, a beautiful sweet little girl, and now a bouncing baby boy.

Tucker man had a rough first year though. He was hospitalized at 6 weeks old for high fever. He had to have a spinal tap done and 2 catheters. Then at 5 months old, he started having seizures. He's had to have MRI's and he's been on medicine for about 7 months now. He hasn't had a seizure since February 2011 and I'm very thankful. SO scary. I hope no mother ever has to witness their child have a seizure. You can read more about all this here. He also has to see a urologist in August because one of his testicles didn't drop. It IS there, just didn't drop. So he might have to have it surgically pulled down:(
But my baby boy is one strong, healthy little man now. He made me realize the power of prayer but he sure can test my patience lol. He is strong-willed, hard-headed, and very nosey. But it's the times where he lays his little head on my chest, that I could just melt. 
I thank God everyday for my children. I don't think I deserve them, but apparently the Lord does. So I'm gonna trust him on this one and continue to thank Him everyday for the blessings he sent to me.
Happy 1st Birthday sweet Tucker man

And yes, all those fireworks are for you:)

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