July 1, 2011

Party Stress and Other.

I have 8 days to get everything ready for my kids' birthday party! EEEK! I'm freaking. I still need to:

-get tablecloths, plates, napkins, & cups.
-finish the birthday banner. (glue on bows, tie string through, cut out letters)
-make cake pops (the night before the party)
-make goody bags
-finish table centerpieces (need spray paint, buckets, & more Styrofoam)
-iron on appliques for kids' shirts (and I HOPE they come in on time! I ordered them on Etsy..last minute :/ )
-buy candy for "candy buffet"
-make tissue pom-poms (night before or day of)

I wish I had more time/money lol. I LOVE planning parties, I just seem to do everything last minute. Boo for procrastination & being a perfectionist. -should that even make sense? lol

Pretty girl <3

She loves making "tents" lol

Tucker's first pizza slice. He dominated. lol

I'm also planning a "photo shoot" for the 4th of July for the kids. I am in NO way a photographer. And all I have is a point & shoot camera lol. So this will be nothing fancy. But I think it will be cute. I'm thinking about taking them to the new house by the corn field for some pics. And maybe buying some sparklers :)

oh, and I think me and hubbs are going to see Transformers tonight! Yayy! I love Shia LeBeouf Transfomers!:)

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Remy said...

Too cute! Tucker's got his total "I GOT THIS." face on!