July 26, 2011

Nobody Knows....

lol this title makes me think of when Princess Vespa (from SpaceBalls) was in jail singing "Nobody Knows" like a man lol. Has anyone but me seen that movie? haha! 
ok randomness over...on to ranting.

Sometimes I feel like nobody thinks I can do anything. I feel like my thoughts/ideas/wishes are just tossed aside because someone thinks I'm not capable of doing something. I can see as to why someone might think that though, because I'm never given a chance to show what I can do! Sometimes I wish I could just press pause, long enough to shut everyone else up, work my magic, then say "ha. I told you I could do it." 
I also feel like no one cares. I feel like I have no moral support. What I love to do may not be what others love to do, but that's what makes diversity so beautiful. No one is alike. And if we were, that would be super boring. 

end of rant?
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Heather said...

hey girl. don't let anyone get you down. we've our issues but i know that you are very creative and can do anything you set your mind to. don't focus on showing people that they are wrong. just work your magic and they'll see that you didnt need their support. i know it's hard, trust me i know. you can do whatever you set your mind to. take control of your own future and make a great life for you and your family