October 16, 2011

Getting Started

Yayy for me. I’ve been sticking to a “diet” for about 4 days now = I’ve been cutting back on what I eat and I already feel better. I’m going to start exercising tomorrow.

I plan on weighing myself every Wednesday. It’s the middle of the week (duh) so I will be able to tell how much harder I need to work the rest of the week! 

Here are a few of my guides that I’ve pinned on my Get Motivated Pinterest board:

One of my “bad habits” is sweet tea. I swear it’s my blood type. Hopefully, I can get to the point of maybe one glass a day. Or even better, none! I really need to drink more water.

So here’s to losing 60 pounds!! = Wish me luck!

Maybe I will get brave enough to post “result” pictures.

Source: None via Lauren on Pinterest

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Mrs. Pancakes said...

These are great...I think I like the weekly challenge...might try it. Good luck with your plan!!