October 6, 2011

In my head.

So I have tons going on in my head. And I need to write them down. So here goes.

1. What am I going to do with my life? I’m going to school in the spring but I don’t even know what to go for. I’m against teaching because there just aren’t any jobs around here for it. I can’t handle blood & needles so there goes most anything medical. I was thinking going for a business degree & eventually opening up my own little boutique or something. But I’m so scared of failure that it pushes me away from pursuing anything like that. Maybe pharmacy tech? Idk…

2. I’m SO sick of renting houses. I want to do what I want to MY house when I want to do it without asking someone for permission. So, we are taking a good chunk of our taxes the next 5 or so years to put up for a down payment. We are also going to be working on getting our credit score higher. We want to build a house. Nothing fancy. But it will be exactly what we want it to be!

3. I’m going to be an owl for Halloween. Do you think that’s weird? lol. We go to a Halloween/costume party every year so it’s necessary that I wear something. And I want to do original. At first I was going to be a peacock, then my best informed me that pretty peacocks were males. Lame. So I decided on an owl! I love owls anyways. But this costume will NOT be drab, mind you. I’m going to make a tutu, a feathered mask, some cute leggings or tights, GLITTER GOLD SHOES, maybe some “wings”. Cute huh? I tried to get Doug to be a tree but he wouldn’t have it lol. So no couples costumes for us this year….or any year LOL.

Ok I guess that’s all the rambling for today. I’m so boring lately :(

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Heather said...

The fear of failure shouldn't keep you from doing something you seem to really have a passion for. Heck, I've had someone call my items ugly and say that no one wants to buy or wear them. It pissed me off a little but it made me laugh even more. I am still going and I am happier with my items now than i was with the first bows i made. so you see, when you love to do something you have to push everything everyone has to say that is negative out the door. Only surround yourself with those you support you and build you up. I think you should go for a business degree. It would help you out in the long run no matter what you wanted to do. About the house...i think everyone wants their own house. It's great that you want to put back tax refund money for a down payment. Here's something else you can do, but it's really hard to leave it Set aside $20 each week from your paycheck. (if you could do more, thats great just make sure to set SOMETHING aside each week) you'll be surprised at how fast the money adds up that way!'s cute to be an owl. D should be a tree. that'd be cute. Good luck in your future ventures. Keep your head up :)