October 26, 2011

Ready for the weekend!

Let me just start out by saying I LOVE Halloween! So to say I am excited for this weekend would be an understatement.

We bought the kids’ costumes at Wal-Mart. Kenzie is going to be a “cat” and Tucker is going to be a cowboy sheriff = Cute, huh??

Doug and I had to be creative. But that’s okay, I would rather be semi-original anyways lol.

Doug is going to go as Less Grosman off of Tropic Thunder. You know, Tom Cruise’s alter ego?
It’s pretty funny actually. 

Here are some hints as to what I’m going to be…

Figured it out yet? LOL  

LOL yup… Cookie Monster! Or at least, my own version of a cookie monster =

I even have blue eyelashes. I might even walk around with a box of Chips-Ahoy and violently eat them LOL!

We will be going to the yearly Halloween party Saturday night. It will be at my SIL’s this year.
She asked me to bring a dessert and I’m torn between cake balls and these heavenly goodies…
                                                           Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Baked Smore’s……
Or maybe I will make both.. LOL! =

Oh, and I know this is super simple and you probably already know about it, BUT this is my drink of choice for parties.

#1) It’s super cheap.
#2) It’s super yummy.
Bull Frog
This is all the ingredients you need. Ever.
All you do is empty out the Mountain Dew to the top of the lable. Add Kool-Aid & shake until dissolved. (Be careful, it will fizz up. And this stuff can be MESSY!)
Once the Mountain Dew has settled down, add the Vodka to fill up the bottle again. Shake it a couple of times just to mix in the Vodka.
Pour on ice and enjoy your night =

When done right, you can’t taste the alcohol. This is a good and bad thing.

I can’t wait to put up pics of our costumes!!!

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