October 7, 2011

Potty Training

I’ve decided to do something new.
Parenting topics.

And today will be……

dun dun dunnnnnnnnn.

Potty Training! Yayyyy! 

I stumbled upon this article from The Stir about potty training/using Pull-Ups and it gave me the idea to blog about it. 

Did/do you use Pull-ups during potty training?

Here’s MY* input. With my daughter, we started training her a little before her 2nd birthday but then we put if off until after my son was born. So she was probably about 26 months old when we started back. I’m not gonna lie, at first we used Pull-Ups. We also got her a little potty. Just a simple one. Not some fancy-smancy talking toilet lol. Does the big toilet talk to you? If so, you might need help that can not be obtained from this blog. =

Pull-ups are POINTLESS. Do NOT waste your money on them (unless you are using them for overnight accidents). All they are is decorated diapers. That are easily pulled down. 

Lameeeeee. They just want you're money.

Now, as a SAHM, the potty training was pretty easy now that I look back on it. After about a package or 2 of Pull-Ups, I finally realized they were not doing anything to help. We bought Kenzie her first pairs of “big girl panties”. Yes, panties. Cloth. Washable.

She loved them. “They look like Mommy’s”! Although …I certainly do NOT have Dora on my underwear LOL.

Yes, there were PLENTY of accidents. Mostly in the floor. (We finally got smart & didn’t let her on the couch until AFTER she had used the bathroom lol.)

Patience is a virtue in this stage.

When she had an accident in her panties, she was so embarrassed and sad. If she pooped in them, I threw them away. She didn’t like me throwing her pretty panties in the garbage. She also didn’t like that the pee ran down her legs lol. So after about a couple of weeks, she finally got the hang of it. She would know before she had to go, tell me, and I would help her on the BIG potty. She never even used the little potty lol.

  Long story short: Don’t buy Pull-Ups. If you are a SAHM, find the time (and most importantly, patience) to potty train your child without wasting money! =

PS – I’m SO dreading the day I have to potty train my son. LOL

*Notice, this is all MY OPINION. So don’t get your panties in a wad. lol PunPunPunPunPunnnnnn!


Mrs. Pancakes said...

i have to show this post to my godson has been saying NO!!! whenever his mom mentions the potty!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

oh by the way...i love the new look!

Melissa said...

I agree! I used underwear to train all three of my kids after I learned with the first one after day one that pull-ups were just diapers. I also used a kitchen timer with my son to get him in the habit of going INTO the bathroom. Every 15 minuted it would go off and he would use the toilet. worked great he was trained in one weekend!! The timer worked so great in fact that about a year and a half later he heard the timer go off and he ran to the bathroom. Still makes me chuckle.

Heather said...

i think each child is different. My oldest had a musical potty. he could ONLY play the music when he actually went potty so it was sort of a little treat for him. When he realized none of his friends wore pullups, he was embarrassed and hasn't worn anything but underwear since. My middle child...a boy...just doesnt care. He could care less if he sits in pee all day long. i am a SAHM but i have 3 children. it isnt always so easy to devote certain times during the day to one child. my son WILL get it. he should have been potty trained by now, but he's not a bad kid bc he's not and im not a bad mom because of it. Hoping to have better and faster luck with my daughter, but she's not even 1 yet so no worries. i've also never thrown away their underwear. that wastes money too :) i just dump the poop and scrub the underwear. lol. to each their own. just sharing my opinion

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mamapoekie said...

I agree, pull ups are completely useless

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