May 22, 2013

Our Summer Bucket List

WOOOHOOOO!! It’s finally summer. I’ve been looking forward to summer break since January. And what kid (and college student) doesn’t love a whole two months of no school?! I know I do.
I decided to make a list of things I want to do with the kids while we have lots of time on our hands. I’m a list person. I make lists of everything. I also like schedules. I’m not some super strict mom where every minute is detailed but I do like to do things around the same time each day. It benefits the kids, too. And my kids are the type that gets bored of doing the same thing each day (but what kids isn’t?!). So that’s where our summer bucket list comes in!
`summer bucket list button2
1. Swimming. Duh. And it helps that we have 3 family members who own pools:)
2. Play in the sprinklers. We do this at our house. We have about three different types. It’s great to cool off on a hot day. And Dobby loves the sprinklers just as much as the kids haha!
3. Library visits. Our local library has a Summer Reading Program in June on Wednesdays. We will definitely be attending that. And it’s FREE! We will probably go weekly or bi-weekly to get new books, too.
4. Play at the park. This will be reserved on the “not so hot” days. This will ensure that my kids don’t melt along with the playground equipment.
5. Chuck E. Cheese. This might happen once or twice this summer. It can be pretty pricey, but the kids love it. And we will definitely NOT go on a weekend. Have you been to Chuck E. Cheese on a Saturday afternoon? Never. Again.
6. Disney Movie Day (or night). Probably once a week, we will pick a Disney movie to watch and have a craft & snack to go along with it. (I will probably enjoy this too haha!).
7. Nature Hunt. This will give the kids something to do outside since we don’t have a swingset anymore. Plus, they will be learning AND having fun! Double win!
8. Zoo. We haven’t been to the zoo in almost three years! Tucker was only 2 months old so of course he doesn’t remember anything about it.
9. Mommy/Daughter date.
10. Mommy/Son date.
11. Daddy/Daughter date.
12. Daddy/Son date.
13. Local Minor League baseball game. The Jackson Generals usually has a couple of fireworks shows each season, along with hilarious half-time (is there half-time in baseball??? I have no clue…and my husband is going to kill me for that LOL!) shows. Bonus: we get FREE season tickets each year. Boom.
14. Glow in the dark bubbles. Saw this on Pinterest, duh, and I’m hoping it works! I know the kids will just love this!
15. Write a letter to a Disney character. I’m thinking we can do this around the kids birthdays.
16. Visit the Children’s Museum in Memphis.17. Ice cream trips! Baskin Robbins has a $1 scoop night on Tuesdays.
18. Paint war! Put them in play clothes (or one of Daddy’s white tees) and let the squirt paint on each other.
19. Glow in the dark bath paint. Tucker loved the bathtub paint we made him, so I’m sure making it glow in the dark will be the icing on the cake.
20. Safari Park. Yes, we have a safari park in West Tennessee:)
21. Fishing. Doug has been wanting to take the kids for awhile now. And I'm like a pro at fishing. Not so much baiting or taking the fish off....but I can sure catch them!
22. Superman Festival! Visit the annual Superman Festival in Metropolis, IL.

1. Painting outside. I really wish the kids hadn’t BROKE the easel we had. But they can just paint on the ground. They won’t care.
2. Flubber! I’m sure this will entertain them forever.
3. Giant bubbles. I want to see if this really works.
4. Chalk Paint. 5. Cloud dough. I’ve been wanting to do this forever. I know they will just love it.
6. Make a bird feeder. We love watching the birds! Well, I do the most. I swear, I’m a little old lady trapped in a 24 year old body.
7. Popsicle stick puzzles. This could be a rainy day activity.
8. Foam dough. Shaving cream + corn starch.

*I'm sure I will be adding to these lists throughout the summer*
Are you doing anything fun for the summer? I would love to hear your ideas! 

And be sure to be on the lookout for the posts about our summer fun activities!


Anonymous said...

This is such a fun list!!! :)

smk053078 said...

I want to do glow in the dark bubbles!!! How fun!!! This is a great bucket list and so many things we are going to do too! Bring on the summer and the pool! :)

Jen said...

I love this list!!! :)

Jessica Eustace said...

I love your bucket list!!! My friend does a Disney movie night and cooks dinner that ties in with the movie.

Darcel {MahoganyWayMama} said...

Sounds like an awesome bucket list. I especially like the movie night, that was always a favorite in our house. And I feel you on Chuck E Cheese on a weekend....definite no no. You've inspired me to create on later this week or next.

emily said...

Great list!

The Generals look like they have a nice/fun field! I always wanted to go to one of their games.

Hallie @ Life:Oceanside said...

this is such a great idea to make a Summer List! I am sad to admit that we run through sprinklers at our house too. Just the hubs, the dogs, and myself.
Our boxer is water obsessed and absolutely LOVES her sprinkler...annnnnd I sound like a total crazy dog mom;)

Hayley! said...

I love this list!! I'm gonna have to make a list of my own! :))